Gruesome Newsome's California: "California passes bill to punish doctors who dissent from government-approved COVID-19 narrative"; AB 2098 would make health care professionals accused of spreading

by Paul Alexander

misinformation or disinformation about COVID-19 liable to disciplinary action from Medical Board of California for "unprofessional conduct." That could include suspending or revoking doctor's license

Why is this move in California so chilling and catastrophic to scientific discourse? This is a threat to medical doctors and at this time specific to medical doctors who question and push back on the Covid narrative. We are talking about doctors who have decided to stand up and call out the wrongful Covid lockdown lunatic policies that include the unsafe Covid injections. The AB 2098 Bill focuses on the discussion between doctors and their patients.

We know deep down that medicine and science cannot advance if there is no scientific dialogue and debate on the merits of emerging research and treatment options. Clinicians are key to this discussion in terms of how they share and educate each other and their patients. The lack of openness in fueling evidence-based conversations results in one very tragic consequence for the public – the silencing of sound high-quality and trustworthy debate, information, and research that could be informative and contribute to the well-being of people during this pandemic. It can enhance the bedside medicine that doctors practice. So why the move to silence it? This is illogical, irrational, specious, absurd, and rather non-sensical given the result could only be benefit to the patient.

We as societies may now need to urgently set new rules and structures to police and protect medical and academic freedom, to protect our doctors (and academic scientists who speak out) and hold accountable those who seek to threaten this academic freedom by their reactions. Reactions that weaken medicine, threaten doctors and their livelihoods, are often threatening, slanderous, and defamatory to any efforts to raise questions. Questions that are critical now given the across the board failures of every single Covid lockdown policy and the ineffectiveness and harmfulness of the Covid vaccine to a substantial portion of those who have taken it.

We have witnessed a sharp increase across the world and in our own communities and in this case on our medical doctors, when they hold contrarian views on Covid-19 societal lockdown policies, on forced mandates, and on the Covid gene injection.  This has to stop and this California AB 2098 Bill moves to criminalize doctors guilty of only trying to improve medicine and to question and help unravel what has gone wrong in Covid. This makes no sense and seems more of an attempt to chill the debate and to frighten doctors into silence.

Is it that their (or other skeptic’s or contrarian’s) guilt arises from voicing well-founded uncertainties, hesitations, and doubt about the value and effectiveness of mass societal lockdowns and other governmental policies as a Covid-19 response? They are guilty because they question a gene injection that was not properly tested for safety and not followed for the optimal duration to ‘exclude’ harms? When doctors see now that the injection is not effective as promised and not properly safe, so they question it. It appears that their crime (though one can argue they are later to the table) is that they wish to consider the harms of the virus, the lockdown, the school closure policies, and the Covid injection and the totality of the impact of the policies and mandates on societies.

Many doctors today are now more fervently joining us, people like myself (Alexander), Risch, Tenenbaum, McCullough, N Wolf, Atlas, Kennedy, Ladapo, Manookian, K Victory, E Sass, Hansen, Beth Høeg, Wiseman, Kulldorff, Attkisson, Hammond, Gupta, Hoeg, Bhattacharya, J Rose, Mercola, Amerling, Jeff Tucker, I Cummins, S Kirsch, Vanden Bossche, Hodkinson, Trozzi, Jekielek, Snaveley, Littell, Urso, Dara, Yeadon, Ardis, V Prasad, Heneghan, Jalsevac, Doshi et al. in arguing for a more focused protection (that should have been the initial response in February 2020 using an age-risk stratified approach to protection) with properly developed vaccines if needed, and with proper trustworthy science. We knew after 3 weeks that Covid was amenable to risk stratification and that baseline risk was prognostic on severity of outcome. Yet this was disregarded for a carte blanch ex cathedra lockdown approach (aka ZERO-Covid) and several doctors have been waging a battle to inform and educate the public on this travesty.

They are not anti-vaxxers. These doctors. These doctors raising questions support properly developed vaccines and the fact is that the safety of the underlying technology has not been fully demonstrated, in spite of being available for 1.5 years now. Doctors are being targeted in California (and elsewhere) for raising questions against policies and mandates that appear arbitrary and not evidence-informed, that have been clearly very destructive on societies, and are essentially unsound and wholly unscientific. 

Yes, doctors will be severely punished here by this AB 2098 bill and devastatingly so, unfairly so, but the greatest loser is the population and their patients. Medicine dies now! Clinical medicine! Reprimanding, rebuking, and scolding academic scientists and medical doctors (skeptics) whose thinking is against mainstream narrative is deplorable and it stunts a more rich, evocative, and meaningful dialogue of the means to combat this pandemic (or any future medical crisis). This ruination of good people, of high-quality dedicated people is reprehensible. We have to urgently stand up and join medical doctors to fight this draconian bill and help protect their capacity to practice medicine and to exercise their clinical judgement.

More on the AB 2098 bill:

“The California legislature has passed a bill that would punish doctors and other medical professionals for spreading purportedly false information about COVID-19 vaccinations and treatments.

If signed by Gov. Gavin Newsom (D), AB 2098 would make health care professionals accused of spreading misinformation or disinformation about COVID-19 liable to disciplinary action from the Medical Board of California for "unprofessional conduct." That could include suspending or revoking a doctor's license to practice medicine in the state, according to the New York Times.

Democrats supporting the measure argue that the bill would address harms inflicted by the spread of misinformation, which the American Medical Association and other medical groups have claimed contributed to thousands of unnecessary hospitalizations and deaths.’

The bill targets direct conversations between doctors and their patients. It does not address comments made online or on television. It also would not require the suspension or revocation of a doctor's license, but it gives that option to the medical board, which already holds licensing powers over doctors and may take disciplinary action against those accused of other sorts of "unprofessional conduct."

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