Guaranteed that the NFL is anxious & very scared right now & should be for they mandated Damar & all players to be COVID juiced with vaccine; the NFL Buffalo players are scared too & all players

by Paul Alexander

And the players should be, the NFL mandated a COVID gene injection to the healthiest persons & this was not safety tested & has caused serious harms & deaths; NFL must test all players for myocarditis

Call me conspiracy theorist if you wish, call me a nut too, call me that too, does not matter. What has been done here by Pfizer and Moderna and governments and CDC and NIH and FDA is criminal.

Test them all before playing, test all NFL players for potential myocarditis, for there will be other players falling on the pitch; you may not want me to say it, but I will. I am warning. This has been reckless and dangerous.

We are praying hard that Damar rallies and walks out of this, he is young. That he awakes and goes onto a good full life. God must grant him favor, and grant anyone who has fallen victim to this reckless dangerous life altering COVID gene injection. We have to get to the bottom of what happened here so that risk can be reduced across the board.