Guskin: "A wide majority of Americans are concerned about politically motivated violence"; 9 IN 10 FEAR VIOLENCE; Nearly 9 in 10 Americans (88 percent) are concerned that political divisions...

by Paul Alexander

have intensified to the point that there’s an increased risk of politically motivated violence in the United States, including over 6 in 10 who are “very concerned.”

This is a terrible situation and should not be happening. We have to return to the place societally where we can disagree and have different views on issues, politics, anything, yet respect each other and not resort to hate and violence. We need to get back to that gracious mercy where we live with each other civilly and caringly in spite of differences, even if stark. This is my hope at least in a time where those of us who speak out and stand forward are under most attack and smear and slander and this drives people already on the edge to act up.

Let us please take a deep breathe and realize that we are fortunate to have life, freedom, and a chance to make a life and raise families. To practice our faiths and dream of tomorrow and get there. Let us work with our law enforcement always to help safeguard societies. Let politics not drive us to bad places. Walk away, walk away. Stop. Re-arrange your life.