H5N1 avian in Cambodia (11 year old child died); H5N1 is not usually spread person to person but there is some chance this was parent to child (father to 11 year old); H5N1 has about 50% mortality

by Paul Alexander

Avian influenza H5N1, first 2 cases (normally endemic in poultry chickens etc.) since 2014; now 2 cases in 2023; has a 50% mortality rate, so we keep our eyes on this

These are the first cases of avian influenza, known as H5N1, reported in Cambodia since a widespread outbreak in 2014, the World Health Organization (WHO) said. The infection, which largely affects animals, has a 50 per cent mortality rate in humans.’

Reports are that officials tested her (dead 11-year old) 12 close contacts and only one contact, her father, tested positive for the disease, and he was asymptomatic.

Good news thus far is no declarative evidence of human to human transmission though it is possible the father transmitted it to the daughter in Cambodia, and this must be studied fast to pin this down.

Michael Fons of my substack raised some key points 1)father could be false positive 2)father may have gotten it from the chickens and not from his daughter. There is no evidence of human-to-human spread.

Note, there is no concern here by me, no need for alarm bells, do not call home to mommy for this, I am just first bringing it to your attention as there is one death and 2 initial cases. The mortality of this is 50% or so and this is not the very low 0.05% COVID IFR (persons 70 years old and below). But while it does not flourish among humans, let us keep an eye on this. This here is just my abreasting you for us to debate and study up on. No fuss please. Share however. You know the CDC and NIH and Health Canada and these idiots, these dimwits in these health agencies cannot even handle deadly pathogen like small-pox without it getting misplaced in labs. We the population must now keep pressure on them to do their jobs. Can you imagine? Such blockheads, such ding dongs. Embarrassing.

Remember also, that as per COVID, nothing we read from any government or health official is to be taken at face value, I mean NOTHING. They are pure liars, inept, and IMO malfeasant.

Anyway, the clade in question is H5N1 clade and has been identified in Cambodia. I insert a prior study on this (2014-2015):

Yes, as to this Cambodia situation, I would agree that PPE is needed for those people working close to any infected or suspected infected poultry; any workers who are infected should use some form of PPE; acute surveillance of any cases is in order. No contact with wild birds in Cambodia is advised. Good news is heat kills this virus. No mass quarantine and no mass testing of asymptomatic persons, no mass vaccination using influenza vaccine. Nothing, just watch and wait. Keep an eye on it, especially the 12 contacts. This may be the only death as well as may signal a problem and surveillance and control measures would need to be heightened.

I am wearing my infectious diseases epidemiology hat as I write this, at a global international level.

My concerns are these below 1-6 (and why we must keep an eye open and be alert to it, to ensure authorities do not use this to drive global hysteria but we also be sane and understand if this is a serious concern and then react accordingly; I will keep you updated as I learn more and certainly if you need to know anything urgently; I will lean on many infectious diseases epidemiologist contacts I have globally given I worked as an infectious diseases epidemiologist for the Government of Canada and internationally for roughly 12 years as well as the WHO in Europe etc. and PAHO. Not to say my stint at WHO is really a highlight of me for WHO really is a gathering of some of the most clueless, inept, stupid, moronic, specious, corrupted, unscientific people masquerading as scientists, and it is why I could not stay, so I went, I saw, I left).

Anyway, my thoughts on this H5N1 situation in Cambodia:

1)no vaccine for H5N1

2)very high mortality rate (case fatality) of about 50% so very pathogenic

3)we do have influenza vaccines but these are failed and are not effective year over year as you know, as low as 8% vaccine effectiveness as per CDC; the flu vaccine is essentially junk and a con game by public health as the flu virus mutates way too fast for the vaccinal antibodies to keep up with (I know you know all of this stuff as you just came out of 3 years of COVID madness)

4)if one is infected lets say with seasonal influenza, so a few of your cells are infected and you then get infected with H5N1, there is a chance that there could be re-assortment, recombining of influenza and H5N1 genetic material to yield a new chimera virus of sorts, that is highly infectious (flu like) and highly pathogenic (H5N1); those 2 qualities combined can be very problematic

5)if we went and vaccinated using flu vaccine, mass vaccinated too, this can be a catastrophic problem and cause serious challenges IMO, I will ask Geert now what he thinks and will share; for if we took the flu vaccine as we have year over year (those who have), and we were exposed to the H5N1, the vaccinal antibodies (recalled antibodies) will be to the flu virus. This is original antigenic sin (aka immune priming, immune hypnotism, immune imprinting, immune prejudicing to the initial prime or exposure) and as such, one could be susceptible to H5N1 and get very severely ill. There may even be some level of antibody-dependent enhancement of infection (ADEI) as well as disease (ADED) where induced vaccinal antibodies from flu vaccine may bind to the H5N1 antigens, and not neutralize the virus and the antibody-virus complex can become taken up and cause infection. Vaccinated persons for flu will thus be at heightened risk of infection with H5N1 and severe illness including death. Even children who were vaccinated with COVID mRNA technology gene injections would be at risk. This is always a problem and I cede to the master Geert also. IMO.

6)in line with point 5 above, given the potential and likely mismatch between the induced vaccinal antibodies for influenza and the antigenic constellation on the H5N1 bird flu, then the flu vaccine antibodies will place the H5N1 antigens under sub-optimal immune pressure and drive Darwinian natural selection to ‘select’ for more infectious and fitter variants. This could drive emergence of more infectious but more ‘hotter’ virulent sub-variants to emerge (infectious and more lethal), on top of an already lethal bird virus with a reported 50% mortality. Serious caution is urged given the disaster we have created by mass vaccinating into the teeth of a pandemic using sub-optimal COVID vaccines (and across all age-groups) that drove selective pressure to select for more infectious variants e.g. omicron, that has kept this pandemic alive.

We could drive a situation where the vaccinated become readily infected and repeatedly infected with H5N1 as we see for COVID. The result will potentially be viral immune escape, original antigenic sin, antibody-dependent enhancement of infection etc. The very same disaster that has gripped us with the COVID mRNA (and DNA) vaccines for SARS-CoV-2, just now, with a deadlier virus to begin with.

Geert, what do you think should be the next move with H5N1?

This is why we warned you and told you to not vaccinate your children with the COVID shot and to wait (but no vaccine entirely in healthy children) until they got their full series of usual MMR etc., full suite of glycosylated virus injections, to allow their natural innate antibodies to train their naïve and developing innate immune system. In the presence of highly specific, high-affinity vaccine induced antibodies, the natural innate antibodies in children are outcompeted and side-lined/subverted and are prevented from binding to the virus to be educated on the virus (and to train the innate immune system). Vaccinal antibodies can bind but cannot neutralize the virus yet the broadly protective innate antibodies that could eliminate the virus and train the innate immune system, CANNOT bind (as are blocked by vaccinal antibodies that embroidery the virus surface) to engage their full functional capacity.

In a nutshell. This is a rudimentary explanation as I understand.

This training by natural innate antibodies (the child has, one could say ‘comes with’ and which are broadly protective) allows the child’s innate immune system and immune system entirely to

i) handle pathogen confronted with now

ii)handle a broad range of glycosylated viruses (with sugars and glycans on their surfaces) they will be exposed to in the future as maternal antibodies waned and innate antibodies and

iii) allow the innate antibodies to train their natural killer cells (NK cells) in recognizing self from non-self components of the child (self-like, self-mimicking etc.) as the virus uses structures in itself similar to the host cells to trick the immune system This training is key so that the child’s immune system can learn what to attack as not belonging to it and what to leave alone. If this training is breached or subverted, then the child is at risk for serious auto-immune disease and death.

I say NO flu vaccine. None. Especially as this H5N1 has caused a death in Cambodia. IMO but you make that decision with your doctor. Let us wait to see what happens in Cambodia and if there is any spread outside Cambodia.

I will begin asking my colleagues like Dr. McCullough, Dr. Risch, Dr. Tenenbaum, Dr. Kory, Dr. Lyons-Weiler, Dr. Marik, Dr. Stock, Dr. Oskoui, Dr. Brinkley etc. as to if they thought ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine or similar anti-virals (as well as nutraceuticals vitamin D3, vitamin C, zinc etc. as per Dr. Brinkley) would be of utility here on H5N1 (if this becomes a serious issue and ‘emerges’ out of Cambodia) as it functioned in COVID as potent anti-virals. I tend to think so. Key is Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche and what he thinks. This is the master virologist, immunologist, vaccinologist. Often sidelined by even the Freedom warriors movement, incredible as it sounds, but I recognize who he is. The master!

“WHO takes the risk from this virus seriously and urged heightened vigilance in all countries,” she said.

From 2003 to 25 February 2023, a total of 873 human cases of H5N1 and 458 deaths have been reported globally in 21 countries.

However, based on the current information, WHO advises against applying any travel or trade restrictions. To date, evidence shows that the virus does not infect humans easily and person-to-person transmission appears to be unusual.”