Ha ha ha! "China Covid: Five deaths under country's new counting method"; this is gut busting funny for now China is likely counting deaths accurately (fingers crossed) & the west media is going nuts

by Paul Alexander

Maybe China in it's insanity with ZERO-COVID and now Xi must re-open, is telling the truth? And to do this, he has to tell the true death numbers which means it was high infections, low deaths ALWAYS!

Maybe the world will realize the farce, maybe China will overall incur less deaths if they did not enact the deadly US and Canada and UK hospital COVID protocol of sedation, Remdesivir, and ventilation? It will be interesting to see what happens next.

I am hoping they are being honest (China and honesty in the same sentence, what an oxymoron) yet lets hope and maybe they are forced to be honest to help sell to the nation why the ZERO-COVID is now being lifted after pummeling and suffering the nation for 3 years NEEDLESSLY. It is a twisted back to front way of looking at this but the US western media can’t take it and I love it!


Is China being honest for once to help themselves as in trouble over ZERO-COVID? What a complex web we weave.

China has outlined the way it counts Covid-19 deaths amid scepticism about the real impact of the disease.

It says the figure includes only those who die from respiratory illnesses, such as pneumonia.

Officially, there were only five Covid deaths on Tuesday, two on Monday - and none in the previous two weeks.

The counting method goes against World Health Organization (WHO) guidance - resulting in a figure that is way below the death toll in many other countries.’