Had DOW dropped over 1,000 points so that is 1 trillion $ loss, in 1 day, as it now routinely does & near does, under POTUS TRUMP, the media would get media orgasms blaming him, while pimping for Joe

by Paul Alexander

So like how the CDC as a hit arm of the government, inflated deaths and blamed Trump, but under Biden, they suddenly dropped 72,000 deaths including 400 for children, same for economy

The media is trying to make 1 trillion $ DOW stock market loss as ‘normal’, so covering it up; Biden et al. are destroying the US, destroying the economy, they don’t care about if gas went to 100 $ per gallon and you cannot drive your car, these freaks do not care, the congresspeople and senators in DC have 435 and 100 respectively big black suburban vehicles driving them around, on your tax payer money…sucking on the tax payer teats…high crime bandits…