Hahn (FDA Commissioner) was incorrect in his presentation of the Convalescent Plasma data in 2020; he hyped the 35% relative risk reduction (RRR) & not the 4.8% absolute reduction; yet today 95% RRR..

by Paul Alexander

Pfizer is accepted by Fauci & media & all as benefit when absolute reduction which is the accurate meaningful measure is hidden; why? is it because it is only 0.7%? You hit Hahn, but not lying Bourla?

Yes, Hahn used the misleading measure. Whether deliberate or not, it was deceptive. This is history but pharma and researchers do the same most of the time, using relative risk instead of absolute risk to make the estimate of effect much bigger yet meaningless to the decision at hand, all to mislead the populace.

Bottom line, RRR is the measure used by CDC, NIH, Fauci, Bourla etc. to deceive the public and not the correct ARR (absolute risk reduction). But the same media that went ballistic when Hahn did it and slammed Trump, is purely silent when Bourla of Pfizer, FDA, CDC, Fauci, Birx, Francis Collins etc. did it to lie about the effectiveness of the COVID gene injection. They did it to lie and get EUA and mainly to bullshit the nation and world. They achieved that. They made you think something was efficacious for an outcome that was not important to you like death or hospitalization (as the vaccine never showed itself to be effective in reducing those) and they even used an outcome measure that was fraudulent to deceive you. Had you known that there was an ARR of 0.7% in reducing mild symptoms, you would have weighed that against the harms and burden of the vaccine and said HELL NO!

So in this case, what we see is that the FDA and CDC and NIH use RRR when it is convenient, in this case to lie about the efficacy of a vaccine. So you go after Hahn in 2020 with convalescent plasma for using the RRR in his speech claiming he was deceptive. I agree. Yet you pretend Bourla and Bancel are not doing same? How could the FDA tout the 95% RRR of Pfizer when they know it is bogus and meant to mislead as to the magnitude of benefit? Same media that pilloried Hahn for using RRR to mislead is silent on CDC and NIH and FDA and Bourla etc. use of RRR to mislead. It is perverse. Had you been told that the absolute risk reduction of the vaccine in reducing mild symptoms etc. was 0.7% you would have not accepted the COVID injection.


Trump, Hahn Mischaracterize Data on COVID-19 Convalescent Plasma