Hang POTUS Trump? Electric chair Jack Smith wants? Breitbart reports that Jack Smith’s Charges Against Trump Include Potential Death Penalty; is this true? If so, Smith has shown his hand, what they

by Paul Alexander

always sought, but I warn them again, these sick filthy criminal democrats and deepstate and media people etc, these RINOs, that when you go digging a grave for someone, word is, dig one for you too

Then we must re-visit Obama, Eric Holder, Bill Clinton, Bush etc. We must go back and find similar and if they continue this madness and deprive Trump his due process and abuse him, each act they take, we independents and liberty lovers will take note and as sure as the sun shines, the day the ballot box reflects a true outcome and we get the right people back in power including at Justice, we will deliver each and every act you impose on Trump, back to you with some! Booked!