Hang them high! Canadian Dr. Hodkinson: "Officials should be jailed for ‘big kill’ caused by COVID jab, restrictions, Child sacrifice didn’t work for the Aztecs..." he's 100% correct, hang them high!

by Paul Alexander

This is how you fight war, Hodkinson knows it, real man with stones of steel & I say if a judge in a proper tribunal & legal inquiry with proper juries deems death sentence, I say hang them too, high!

Hang them very very high!

Never must we forgive and forget! I support Hodkinson but I say let a jury pronounce judgement fairly. Let it play out fairly. I say if a judge in a proper tribunal and legal inquiry with proper juries deems death sentence is in order and only after all is examined fairly for their rolls in COVID, their policies, and it is shown they costed lives, that their actions had a direct impact on lives and killed people, that they were reckless and dangerous and did not follow the science and pronounces that, that a judge calls for death, after proper legal juries, with full fairness and impartial juries, then I would not argue with the judge or jury, I would say hang them too, hang all who did wrong in COVID and costed lives! Take all their money so their families do not profit! We want Nuremberg 2.0! This rises to that. IMO. If they costed lives, and it is proven, we take theirs via legal allowed processes. No kangaroo process. Legal. Only after proper full inquiry.

(LifeSiteNews) – Dr. Roger Hodkinson said on a recent podcast that leaders in Canada and the rest of the world have perpetrated the “biggest kill ever in medicine’s history” as a result of COVID lockdowns and vaccine coercion.

Dr. Roger Hodkinson ~ “I am vengeful, Its time to put these b@stards in jail. We have seen the biggest kill ever in medicines history ~ how can you look into the eyes of a pregnant woman and tell her this is safe as a physician”.


Asked if people should simply “forgive and forget,” he quickly said, “Absolutely not.”

“I am vengeful,” he continued. “It’s not a time to say ‘I’m sorry.’ It’s a time to put these bastards in jail.”

He added that he is calling what has happened “the big kill,” which he said was caused “directly because of the intervention of these idiots into health care.”

As much as he said politicians are to blame, he said that “physicians are principally culpably because they have allowed government jackboots to influence how they manage their patients, which has never, ever happened before.”