HANG Them HIGH! Fauci, Francis Collins, Farrar, Birx, Baric, Daszak, these 6 Horsemen of Apocalypse; ONLY after proper public legal inquiry & Judge & Jury finds they caused deaths needlessly BIOWEAPON

by Paul Alexander

Hang them high! All of them, any and all! Only if the judge and public legal inquiry says that lives were lost due to their reckless COVID actions & capital punishment is in order, then HANG them high

Not before, we need them tried in dockets in from of proper legal inquiry, proper, good governance etc.

Before I was for prison time yet as time has gone on and we understand what these malfeasants did with the Gain of Function furin cleavage site insertion in coronavirus in bats, and after the denial of treatment, and after the forcing of the failed and dangerous shot, then if a jury examines and says they killed people by their actions like subjecting our elderly to diamorphine and midazolam etc. to sedate and extinguish them, then if a judge says they should face beyond prison time but rather the death penalty, then I say hang them all high! Once proper legal inquiry calls for this. Only then, and if so, we act and hang them. All public health officials, all the Faucis in COVID, all of them who caused deaths.

We accept no mea culpas. We gave them data day 1, they had all the evidence yet proceeded to locks us down needlessly, hardened the lockdowns and caused deaths of despair, suicides.

Good governance must prevail and full legal proper public inquiries but anyone who is found guilty (in the Horsemen, the 6 above and more to add shortly) and they caused deaths and the finding is capital punishment, can be imposed capital punishment, then I would not argue with a judge who rules such, and I would agree if the call is for the death penalty, then I would say hang them high!

If proper legal inquiry that we must have for all that was done in COVID response, if it shows they, people like Fauci and Birx were above board and did not harm people, we then move on, we praise.