'Hang them high (hang 'em high)' is my metaphor for accountability, it is a colloquial way for saying I/we want accountability & justice for all wrongs done in COVID, proper judicial reviews/trials

by Paul Alexander

We must always be working for change and accountability at the ballot box or the courts ONLY & the courts must examine in a fair & just manner, all the wrongs in COVID response, MUCH was!

From the lockdowns to the school closures to the business closures to the poisoned toxic COVID gene injection. People were harmed and died and we need those who made policies to be examined properly. If proper legal inquiries show that they had no ill intent and were not reckless or dangerous, then we praise and celebrate them as we should, and we protect their names. If investigations and courts rule, if courts with proper judges rule that wrong was done that costed lives, then we hang them high. We get justice by what the court says is the remedy as the court determines what its ‘hanging high’ is; if the court says impose heavy financial penalties for families, I say clean them out financially. If the court says prison time is warranted, then we jail them, we do anything the court decides. We leave it to the courts. I will abide as we all must by what the court deems justice is and what the judicial dictates. Much wrong was done here and we need the accountability and we get it in the courts. Many of our police, our law enforcement, people who risk lives daily for us, our precious military, many of our front line people, many were forced under threat of law and mandates to take a vaccine that was never properly safety tested and has killed people. We need this to stop and we need our precious peoples to be informed so that here on they can make the best decisions. We find ways always to protect all in society, especially vulnerable people and weak people. It is our duty to protect the vulnerable among us.