Hang them high! Investigate Twitter & all the media platforms like Facebook & Youtube & all government officials & all the employees who 'blacklisted' people like me; I too was banned from Twitter;

by Paul Alexander

If it is shown with legal investigations that children died due to this, that people killed themselves, that the vaccine took lives had people been informed, I say jail some & hang many who did this!

Hang them high and for those of you who get the vapors and clutch your pearls and get offended, and say ‘Dr. Alexander, must you be so strong, must you be so heavy handed, I say hang them very very high and you, STFU! If deaths resulted from these censoring steps, and it is shown with proper tribunals, then hang those high. Dorsey et al., all who made and carried out the polices, only after proper investigations and juries find conclusively and pronounce judgments. If a judge declares that lives were lost on accounts, I say hang them high…and publicly. And do not fuss you health officials at CDC and NIH and FDA and NIADI etc. and HHS, and medical doctors and all you policy makers and technocrats, your turn will come to defend yourselves in legal inquiries too for your roles in the lockdown and vaccine fraud and devastation and if shown you costed lives, you too, hang you high!

Go tell everyone, Dr. Paul Alexander said hang you high!