Hang them high! Twitter, if judge after proper tribunal inquiry declares those who blacklisted & made COVID policies killing our parents & children are guilty & to be jailed, calls for death penalty!

by Paul Alexander

Those who blacklisted, imprison them all who costed lives and if the legal process says rises to death penalty, then hang them all like Nuremberg 1.0, we will have Nuremberg 2.0. Publicly.

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Hang then high! "Canadian doctor says officials should be jailed for the ‘big kill’ caused by COVID jab, restrictions, Child sacrifice didn’t work for the Aztecs..." he's 100% correct, hang them high!
Never must we forgive and forget! I support Hodkinson but I say let a jury pronounce judgement fairly. Let it play out fairly. I say if a judge in a proper tribunal and legal inquiry with proper juries deems death sentence is in order and only after all is examined fairly for their rolls in COVID, their policies, and it is shown they costed lives, that …
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Am I angry and disgusted by what they did? You damn right I am angry!

We are putting Elon on notice. We stand back and let him operate, and give some praise. Yet he too shall face judgements in legal courts and the court of public opinion should he be a Trojan Horse Manchurian mocking us around. As they say, controlled opposition. He best have on his big boy drawers for we ain’t playing around this rounds.

We must have no mercy, no amnesty, no forgiveness on this one! Vengeance, I want my vengeance to flow. We will leave mercy up to the Lord.

Start the investigations of Fauci, Birx, Francis Collins, Walensky, Bourla, Bancel, these 6 first. And also with Baric and Daszak. So 8. Investigate and see what a court rules. Have no mercy. Then call on Azar to be deposed for his liability protection PREP Act that has us in this situation where he protected the vaccine makers and exposed our children and all of us with no protections.

It’s hanging time, for each one of our parents who died lonely, in misery, isolated, dehydrated, drugged out on midazolam and morphine, paralytics, malnourished, for each of our grand-parents blowing us butterfly kisses last time they saw us, each one, for each one, we hang them high and feel no remorse. For each one of our children who took their own lives due to the school closures. Hang them high! Find them at the CDC and Teachers Unions who did this. Once the court rules they deserve the death penalty, then call me too, I will go buy some wood from Home Depot and some rope and donate it.

Once shown in a court their actions caused the deaths.

What these COVIDian Taliban lockdown lunatics did was monstrous and their actions killed millions. It was planned, deliberate and we begged them, we begged to stop, we showed them science 3 years straight and they ignored us, slandered us, blacklisted us, cancelled us. Fauci himself and his goons in his team in Washington, went after me directly, with freaks from the NIH. I say find them out and take everything from them. Every penny, put their entire world into the streets.

If their e.g. Facebook and Twitter et al. blacklisting denied the proper balanced information and people made bad decisions for were misled and not shown the true accurate science, and were badly informed and as a result people died, and it is clearly proven in legal inquiries, I say hang all at Twitter high who did this! If it costed lives and it is shown. If parents could not get the right information on school lockdowns and masks and the fraud COVID gene injection (this was no vaccine, this is a gene injection therapy and the FDA/NIH/CDC conspired together to call this a vaccine knowing it was gene therapy to help the vaccine maker bypass the 15 years of data that would have had to be collected as a gene therapy) and they took it and gave their teens et al. and they died, I say hang them high! For all parents misled and forced to give their child. For all who took the vaccine under threat of law and mandates especially our police, military, border agents, nurses etc., I say hang them high!

And I mean in Trump administration too as well as the Biden administration, all those officials who ensured we were blacklisted, punish them! This went back to the Trump administration.

When you really think about it, we lived through three years of madness! Why did doctors stand by and allow the lockdowns, the school closures, the vaccine, the denial of early treatment? Why? They caused deaths of millions.

Twitter board, Dorsey too, Zuckerberg et al., all of your kind, if it is shown your policies of blacklisting and censorship caused eventual deaths, tied directly, and legal proceedings show this, that lives were directly lost on account, then with medical doctors who denied early treatment to their patients and caused their deaths and who forced the fraud vaccines on their patients, and with the Colleges of Physicians and Surgeons and all the respective government officials who COVID policies caused deaths, then this is what I wish to see after proper legal tribunals:

Let none escape. We need justice, we need accountability. Hang them high! Once it is shown in courts that their actions lead directly to deaths! Canada, US, UK, Australia, in any nation, investigate their health and government officials and punish them harshly if shown their policy decisions and actions killed people! Have no mercy with this! They were power-drunk maniacal imbeciles and must be punished!

And I would pray that the good Lord, our Heavenly father, have mercy, gracious mercy on them I confess I cannot have. And that he grants them mercy and favor and deals with them on the other side. I am not Jesus and thus cannot feel same on this side. I want to see with my own eyes each and every one of these beelzebubs, these demons, stripped of every cents and jailed and worse if courts decide.


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