Hang them high! With proper legal investigations, tribunals & judges, if judges & juries say Fauci, Francis Collins, Birx, Bourla, Kariko et al., all involved in the lockdown lunacy to the fraud mRNA

by Paul Alexander

technology injection, this cardiotoxic shot, with no safety testing, then all politicians, technocrats, bureaucrats, media, all who costed lives, if judges say hang them high, I say hang them high!

These are criminals and yes, let them have their fair day in courts, but if found guilty of killing people via proper judges, with their lunatic COVID policies and gene injection, even doctors, I say clean them out financially, take every penny, put them in the streets, imprison them all, and hang many in the public space. Have no mercy! And you media out there, print this, say Dr. Alexander has gone insane, calling for hangings, I say hang them all! High, after judges rule.