HARD lockdowns, MASS Vaccination, Original Antigenic Sin, Delta/OMICRON infectious pressure, sub-optimal non-sterilizing population immune pressure, variants & infection; what a complex web we weave

by Paul Alexander

What a complex web we have weaved when it was all preventable; we told these incredibly inept & corrupted & unscientific COVID technocrats, we underestimated the evolutionary capacity of the virus

Once again, huge love and respect for you tolerating me and my thinking that I recognize, you know as much or more…so I am thrilled to have the chance to share…I cant reply to all feedback…

No boosting…under any condition, they have failed on Omicron!

Four key aspects to remember: 1) we used a non-sterilizing vaccine that could not stop the virus, and we underestimated the evolutionary capacity of the virus to evolve and adapt to the sub-optimal population immune pressure 2) the role of natural selection of ‘selecting’ the ‘fittest’ most infectious variants that gave the virus a fitness advantage 3) the mismatch between the vaccine spike and prevailing Delta/Omicron spike and 4) no baseline background acquired-adaptive immunity as I/population was locked down and did not develop that…so I/population is a sitting duck that is susceptible for we waited on an ineffective vaccine; who would have thought of this is a criminal for IT COULD NOT WORK. Point 3 is what I think is happening and I am informed by giants like Dr. Dan Stock etc.

We needed antibodies in the respiratory mucosal layer where the virus lands and hangs out for 2-3 days, NOT in the blood where it is not needed initially; wrong soldiers in the wrong place at the wrong time. What a disaster these inept people created.

Look at these graphs, for they tell a story, and likely a bad one in places like New Zealand, Australia, Scotland etc; why? because these nations and any nation that locked down long and hard, in wait for vaccine, now faces a devastating situation where they are faced with a vaccine that is ineffective and harmful, and with a base population that has little population level acquired-adaptive immunity; and as such, have massive susceptibles, and are at risk for massive infection and the explanation below point # 3 will evidence the theory of why vaccinated persons are getting infected today by large numbers.

When Omicron arrives in New Zealand, their curves will look same as Australia’s, IMO. Yes, one may argue that OMICRON seems to be presenting an immune rechallenge, but I and other experts say it is not classic breakthrough of natural immunity. Yes, we will see a bump but nothing like prior waves.

Australia ONLY:

These graphs show you nations that are in trouble, for they locked down too long, too hard, and waiting for vaccine as their savior, and did not allow their nations to acquire exposure and to develop acquired-adaptive long lived immunity/population level that could have protected them as new variants like Omicron arrived; so they were and are vulnerable for not only is the population full of ‘susceptibles’, they are faced with having used a vaccine that is worthless and does not protect the upper airways, and they are getting infected post vaccine and the phenomenon of the original antigenic sin (I have renamed the Mortal antigenic sin as the bias, the prejudice to the immune system response, is life long); stay tuned, New Zealand will go the way of Australia as you see, the death curve is following the infection curve as OMICRON takes hold.

In all of this, we have disregarded and do not even understand the role of the INNATE immunity in children and young persons in getting to herd immunity, and how protective the innate immunity of children is to the population immunity and to damage the innate immunity in children by mass vaccination of them, we can subvert/suppress the innate antibodies via the vaccinal antibodies and leave them defenseless to a broad range of pathogen they usually defeat. This is so very catastrophic and we must stop, do not touch our children with these vaccines.

In other words, it is the innate immunity of children and young persons that remains key to herd immunity.

Critical to all of this is the use of a non-sterilizing vaccine that does not sterilize the virus and does not stop infection or transmission. This is the key, had we used a sterilizing vaccine, this situation could have been different. Yet I do not support ANY vaccine for this COVID.

I will now explain my thoughts in point form, based on the terms used in the title above:

1) Lockdown may have stopped infection ‘FOR NOW’ while in lockdown, but you remained ‘susceptible’ and was ripe for infection when you re-opened; Lockdowns only ‘delay’ the inevitable, it does not stop anything for no society can conceivably lockdown for the duration and tightness that is needed to burn the pathogen out as well as other nations doing the same depth and duration of lockdown; with no lockdown, your society could develop natural (acquire-adaptive immunity and have the innate immunity tackle most of the pathogen on initial exposure) immunity; HARD Lockdowns and school closures severely damaged our societies and killed people, killed children, with Fauci and Birx lockdowns; we told them, we pleaded with them to open society and schools very early on; we explained that they are denying the populations the chance to inch closer to population immunity; we wrote, we spoke two years ago; these idiots, these television medical experts would not listen and what they did has caused their respective nations to be like sponges now, with limited back ground immunity that could protect them as they emerge; they are vulnerable to any new variants and the vaccines offer no protection.

2) MASS vaccination: with ineffective damaging lockdowns, we then mass vaccinated; we have been warning about mass vaccination in the midst of an ongoing pandemic when there is virus all around; I have to emerge at some point yet now as we see, with an ineffective vaccinal immunity and virus waiting for me; you are preventing the immune system from mounting a proper response by vaccinating while there is pathogen circulating; it is dangerous and will contribute as it has, to variants (natural selection); while typically mild, these variants can be lethal, there is a chance

3) Original Antigenic Sin (OAS) or as I would call it now ‘MORTAL’ antigenic sin as the bias is life long to that pathogen: I am going to emerge at some point and I will be exposed as virus is circulating and it will land in my nasal oral passages, this while vaccinated with a sub-optimal vaccine; but you locked the society down and they did not get exposed, and the first exposure to the antigen (spike) was via vaccine; this is the key, that first exposure to the antigen; the initial priming or exposure of the immune system primes or prejudices or biases the immune response long term, likely lifetime, to that or similar pathogen; if the initial prime is vaccine (your exposure to the antigen was via vaccine), the immune response will be geared to that prime e.g. if your first look was to vaccine, then your immune system would (via B cells) produce antibodies that would enter the blood circulation; your subsequent exposure would likely be to pathogen in the respiratory tract when you go outside into the wild, but the correct cytotoxic T cell response (NK cells etc.) to clear out the infection in the nasal passages etc. would likely be subverted as the immune system has some way of ‘learning’ and remembering what it did initially and thus if the initial prime was vaccine and systemic antibodies (IgG etc.), then the immune system may well switch to that systemic response always and thus for your subsequent respiratory exposure (the virus will land in the respiratory tract in your next exposure as you go about your daily life), and not engage the proper T cell response at the local nasal site of infection/mucosa; the initial priming has now biased all subsequent responding; the result is infection is not cleared out and proliferates (a very simplistic explanation/theory) in the respiratory tract and moves from an upper tract infection and progresses to the lung etc.

The antibodies are sent again and again to the blood where it is not needed; The result is that the respiratory tract and lungs gets sicker and sicker, cytokine inflammatory response, and you have high loads of virus in the respiratory tract and getting sicker, and potentially transmitting to both vaccinated and unvaccinated persons. It is entirely possible that the OAS is what is driving the massive infections in persons who are vaccinated as the initial exposure was to vaccine and now with virus all around, and you will be exposed when you emerge post vaccine, then you are infected and the proper respiratory tract immune response is subverted to the initial biased systemic response.

4) Delta/OMICRON infectious pressure: we never ever vaccinate into a pandemic while virus is circulating; there is massive infectious pressure as the virus is circulating and trying to infect the population; the virus is coming up against the immune pressure and the population immune pressure is putting the spike protein (specifically the receptor binding domain) under massive pressure and drives mutations

5) Sub-optimal non-sterilizing population immune pressure; these vaccines are non-sterilizing; we can never ever tame or stop the pandemic with vaccines that do not sterilize the virus, do not stop infection or transmission. The chain of transmission will never be broken with these vaccines. That the vaccine developers would make these vaccines is mind numbing and it could be a deliberate effort to sabotage for these were destined to fail day 1. They cannot stop the virus from infecting. Moreover, we are vaccinating during the pandemic and there is infectious pressure (point #4) while the population is being MASS vaccinated with hundreds of thousands if not millions at a time, and the population is trying to mount or raise an immune response with a non-sterilizing vaccine that ALSO, is a mismatch with the now predominant Delta and Omicron variants; the vaccine is based on the initial Wuhan strain of the virus and thus cannot work; so as you are mounting the immune response, the vaccinal antibodies are not fully developed and immature and cannot stop the virus for we are vaccinating while the virus is circulating; we are loading the weapon as the enemy is on the battlefield already, this is catastrophic.

6) variants & infection: so you have a population with limited, little if any, population-level immunity due to lockdown, in no way near herd immunity and are thus susceptible and vulnerable to infection; it is the variants that are in the environment that emerged, that the more ‘fittest’, more ‘infectious’ variants will overcome the sub-optimal mounting immune pressure from the population and infect the population members; it is this variant (s) that are so infectious as had a competitive fitness advantage against less fit variants, less infectious ones, that will now propagate and become the ‘dominant’ variant e.g. OMICRON.

7) at the same time, the population is infected and the initial prime was to vaccinate (point # 3) and this initial priming may have well prejudiced the subsequent response you are going to make to be wrong; you are exposed to circulating pathogen with massive infectious pressure and got infected but the immune system may well signal for B cell and antibodies (Th 2 pathway) that will generate more antibodies in the blood and not to the correct location in the respiratory tract where a defense is needed (cytotoxic T cells, NK cells, Th 1 etc.) to clear out the site of infection; thus you may well be generating massive loads of virus that is unchecked as the incorrect immune response ensued, and you are getting sicker and also spreading virus; as a vaccinated person, you are infected given the biased immune response (OAS initial priming), you are vaccinated, but getting sicker and transmitting to both vaccinated and unvaccinated around you; the vaccine may be doing its job of moderating your symptoms and you may well think you are well and thus go about daily life transmitting, unknowingly; the vaccinated do become infected readily and badly infected as they have no initial response that usually would defend against incoming pathogen; we are subverting the initial first line innate response via a biased incorrect systemic antibody response, where it is not needed!

8) it is this intersection of low population-level immunity/herd immunity/natural innate/acquired-adaptive immunity due to lockdowns (hardened and extended) and school closures, with infectious pressure from the virus onto the population, sub-optimal immune pressure up from the population onto the virus (spike), and the mass population vaccination using a non-sterilizing vaccine that does not stop transmission, all at once, that is a recipe for disaster. We are getting infected after vaccination as described above and why, and also driving via natural selection, the emergence of mutants.