HARD painful COVID response Facts: Hospitals, CEOs, doctors, government technocrats killed our parents & grandparents, especially low-income, with diamorphine, midazolam, ventilators, Remdesivir

by Paul Alexander

Never forget them or that, we must investigate them all and punish them, jail them all! Especially they killed many poor, low-income persons, separating out obesity; for $500,000 per COVIDized patient

Could the escalation in deaths we saw be not due to the virus etc.? Could this virus have been circulating for many months even 1.5 years to 2 years prior to December 2019, yet with the then used fraud PCR tool to overly detect and denote positive status, and then the hospitals played a role to kill via use of heavy sedatives? Was this really planned out? Deliberate, down to the devastating response that had no basis? Were they that inept, the COVID Task Force and all the decision-makers?

Could the death spikes we saw in hospitals etc. and our elderly who went from nursing homes be due to the way the patients were TREATED with sedatives and ventilation that then rapidly killed them and the Fauci NIH ‘standard of care’ Remdesivir that was kidney and liver toxic? That there was a spike in deaths but due to diamorphine, midazolam, Remdesivir, and intubation/ventilation? Not due to the virus??

Our hospitals and their CEOs and medical doctors were running KILLING FIELDS as they would admit, diagnose as COVID positive using the overly-sensitive overly-cycled flawed RT-PCR with it’s 95% false positive rate, then sedate, intubate, ventilate, kill, collect $500,000 US per patient and this was top heavy on low-income persons and our elderly. They knew that to give diamorphine and midazolam to already elderly frail persons who already had suppressed breathing with various levels of pneumonia and respiratory illness, would kill them by suppressing breathing further. They did not care.