Has Hulscher & McCullough & Malhotra & Makis & Hodkinson heightened the argument (and based on autopsy), that there is often Fatal COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine-Induced Myocarditis? Yes, certainly as below

by Paul Alexander

This pre-print based on autopsy data is profound and strengthens the argument of the role of the COVID mRNA technology gene based injections in myocarditis and death; causal links are strong


‘a systematic review of all published autopsy reports involving COVID-19 vaccination-related myocarditis through July 3rd, 2023. All autopsy studies that include COVID-19 vaccine-induced myocarditis as a possible cause of death were included, without imposing any additional restrictions.


Causality in each case was determined by three independent reviewers with cardiac pathology experience and expertise.

14 papers that contained 28 autopsy cases. The cardiovascular system was the only organ system affected in 26 cases. In 2 cases, myocarditis was characterized as a consequence from multisystem inflammatory syndrome (MIS). The mean and median number of days from last COVID-19 vaccination until death was 6.2 and 3 days, respectively. Most of the deaths occurred within a week from the last injection.

all 28 deaths were causally linked to COVID-19 vaccination by independent adjudication. Conclusions: The temporal relationship, internal and external consistency seen among cases in this review with known COVID-19 vaccine-induced myocarditis, its pathobiological mechanisms and related excess death, complemented with autopsy confirmation, independent adjudication, and application of the Bradford Hill criteria to the overall epidemiology of vaccine myocarditis, suggests there is a high likelihood of a causal link between COVID-19 vaccines and death from suspected myocarditis in cases where sudden, unexpected death has occurred in a vaccinated person.’