Hat tip to Premier Danielle Smith for rejecting a vaccine digital ID in response to the COVID madness Jason Kenney caused in Alberta; hat tip & we want you Danielle to kick the media in the nads

by Paul Alexander

Time to stand up Danielle, no games with the fraud putrid fecal feral banal bottom-dweller media, these are Neanderthalic animals, do not play with them, rather punish them! I do! Let me help you!

Punish them, call them out, the fraud filths they are, always were. Canadian media is among the very worst! They report falsehoods on people, destroy names, and do it for sport and simply inept and corrupt. Maybe one day it will return to its glory days. Today, I use news print as toilet paper.

There you go, there you go, Danielle is showing us some of those stones we know she has and we are proud for this stance, you are indeed protecting Canadians from the COVID lockdown lunacy that harmed and killed so many. Harmed our children life-long and someone has got to pay.


We fight on to prevent Johnny and Suzie from dropping dead at 15 on the soccer field. ‘Dying at dawn’ as you rise and ‘dying suddenly’ on the soccer field and even pilots in the plane cockpit is a real dangerous issue with ‘silent’ myocarditis. Parents, demand myocarditis is ruled out of your child before they ever take the field again if they got the shot. Demand high-sensitivity troponin tests, demand gadolinium contrast chest MRI to rule out myocarditis. Your doctor and you will determine risk and which is best. MAYO lists the following tests but my message is simple, if your teen child got these shots, test before physical activity:

Tests to diagnose myocarditis include:

  • Blood tests. Blood tests are usually done to check for signs of a heart attack, inflammation and infection. A cardiac enzyme test can check for proteins related to heart muscle damage. Antibody blood tests may help determine if you had an infection linked to myocarditis.

  • Electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG). This quick and painless test shows how the heart is beating. Your health care provider can look for signal patterns on an ECG to determine if you have irregular heartbeats (arrhythmias). Some personal devices, such as smartwatches, offer electrocardiogram monitoring. Ask your health care provider if this is an option for you.

  • Chest X-ray. A chest X-ray shows the size and shape of the heart and lungs. A chest X-ray can tell if there's fluid in or around the heart that might be related to heart failure.

  • Heart MRI (Cardiac MRI). This test uses magnetic fields and radio waves to create detailed images of the heart. A cardiac MRI shows the heart's size, shape and structure. It can show signs of heart muscle inflammation.

  • Echocardiogram. Sound waves create moving images of the beating heart. An echocardiogram can show the heart's size and how well blood flows through the heart and heart valves. An echocardiogram can help determine if there's fluid around the heart.

  • Cardiac catheterization and heart muscle biopsy. A health care provider threads a thin tube (catheter) through a blood vessel in the arm or groin to an artery in the heart. Dye flows through the catheter to help the heart (coronary) arteries show up more clearly on X-rays. A tiny sample of heart muscle tissue (biopsy) may be taken during this test. The sample is sent to a lab to be checked for inflammation or infection.

Remember Danielle, we want commissions, tribunals, real legal hearings, we want these beasts in Alberta government, Ontario’s, all in Canada Federal and all over, as in US, Australia and UK and New Zealand etc. to face investigation, as are all the academic scientists and medical doctors, the Colleges of Physicians and Surgeons, those criminals in the CPSO etc., no matter how many, who worked to harm Canadians, deny early treatment, deny natural immunity, force lockdowns that killed, force the COVID protocol in hospitals (sedation, isolation, Remdesivir, ventilation) that killed our parents and grand-parents and this failed ineffective deadly vaccine with the unscientific mandates; for all they did wrong, we investigate and praise them if shown they were right, we celebrate them and I will be first to hug them; but if it is shown their actions costed lives, that they killed people by their actions, then we clean them out financially, we imprison as many as we could, and if judges, not you, not I, but judges say the death penalty must be on the table, then be put it on the table and we hang’em high, but only as per judges arising out of proper legal inquiries.