Have you heard more bullshit crap than this? Who the hell is this idiotic doctor talking this crap? What she describes is not a child being 'transgender'; it's normal behaviour, this lady is INSANE!

by Paul Alexander

This lady is a doctor? Keep your kids far from this deranged lunatic! This person needs mental help and fast! This is what we face, this type of transgender lunacy. I blame Bruce glamoured this shit.

These sick leftist Marxist psychos want to re-write everything, including hard core biology. She is saying your child was ‘assigned’ their gender at birth. The idiot is bypassing the fact that let’s say he is a boy, with testicles, a penis, XY chromosomes so is an EFF in boy let’s say, but she is claiming the system ‘assigned’ him that and he is maybe not that.

These people are so insane it is not funny anymore! We need to keep people like her far away from anything to do with our children!