"He was an isolated stoner who completely lost touch with reality"...Robert Bobby Crimo; I say NO, Tucker says NO, not so simple, we cannot discount what lockdowns & masking did to us (TOPS, Uvalde)

by Paul Alexander

Note commonality, all about 20 years old, I am arguing that COVID lockdowns & masking by our governments & health officials (Fauci) damaged youth, some already evil, like Crimo, but broke their minds

Sorry @1cowtools. Sorry. I don’t buy that simple explanation. Lockdowns and the lunacy of the last 2.5 years have a role. It is baked in and now bubbling up. Stand by.

The lockdowns and school closures by the lockdown lunatics started under Trump and continued under Biden, I argue has played a role and you will come to learn. They broke the minds of people for they stole their moral clarity and removed the predictable rituals of life. These already deranged and evil depraved young people for whatever reasons, and yes, mix in sativa weed, and hard drugs etc., had lots of time due to lockdowns to stew and boil down and develop sick twisted thoughts. They went to dark places on the net. Learnt dark things. We took sick ‘already troubled’ young people and made their minds depraved. The lockdowns created monsters in the lurk and the masking severed the human to human connection that cannot simply be reversed. It will take decades. The society is broken, people literally do not trust each other anymore and I peg it to the lockdowns that were too long and was never needed, do not care for each other, hate each other too, for we look at each other as disease vectors. Governments now see disease, vaccines, as the way to manage and rule their societies. Look around.

The craven lockdown lunatics in our governments did this. I prior wrote that by the end of 2022, there will be near 550 mass shootings, see my power point below It’s on pace. I stand by it. There is this trend now where younger and younger people are mass shooters.


School Closings and Violent Youth: A Potential Link

Lockdowns, Closures, and the Loss of Moral Clarity


I predict 550 mass shooting by December 30th 2022 based on what is happening now.