Head epidemiologist for Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) said under oath that she, they NEVER ever recommended vaccination for entry to Canada or air travel to Canada; Trudeau made that decision

by Paul Alexander

Head epidemiologist PHAC did not tell Canadian government to do that, but the Liberal Government of Canada, Trudeau, demanded it; PHAC told Trudeau the VAX is not effective, yet he did not care

Imagine, the Prime Minister of Canada, this idiot, this moron, this reckless person, made a decision for Canadians and anyone entering Canada, and even leaving, or travel inside Canada, that you are forced to get a COVID gene injection. No science. None! He was told by PHAC this was not needed, the governments own science agency, PHAC, only recommended possibly masking, spacing on the plane, a quarantine area if someone was sick, and she said under oath, the reason was that the scientific evidence did not support that it would be effective, that the vaccine would NOT be effective. It was a clear political decision. Violating Canadians fundamental Charter Rights.

I wonder how many police and military and border agents in Canada know how many of them are vaccine injured? In harms way.

Can you imagine how many died etc. and no one could see their family, travel etc.