HEADLINE: Did Johnson & Johnson knowingly kill our babies, harm and kill people with it's baby power over decades? Knowingly? Pharmaceuticals are criminals, killers as we see with Moderna & Pfizer's

by Paul Alexander

mRNA technology gene injection that has harmed and killed thousands! This is no surprise baby powder & cancer; Johnson & Johnson announced Tuesday that the company has agreed to settle.

‘Johnson & Johnson announced Tuesday that the company has agreed to pay $8.9 billion over 25 years to settle "all current and future" claims that the company's baby powder and other cosmetic talc products allegedly caused cancer.’

Bankruptcy? Chapter 11? No no no, these beasts must be jailed, for in all likelihood, they knew. This is pharma in all of its glory, money making untermensche killers! Today, as COVID has shown us, I trust no pharma, no vaccine, and trust our doctors as far as I could spit. Parents, persons, must always balance the benefits versus the harms and ensure that you are fully explained the harms before taking any drug, medical device, vaccine etc. These are killers, cold blooded killers in 3 piece suits and ties.