Heartbreak devastating personal tragedies stemming from the COVID lockdowns, school closures & vaccine mandates; short stories direct from substack subscribers when asked how they were affected

by Paul Alexander

Please share and even add to the comments if you wish, what you have gone through due to the COVID response and the gene injection, I am not including names, just brief stories to share to help heal

I put out a call for subscribers to say in their own words how the COVID response and COVID virus itself as well as the devastating COVID gene injection vaccine affected them. Below, I share a selection (not all) of the responses and I have removed names so no identification. I have to say the response was way more than I anticipated and also very honest, open, transparent, explicit, and very humbling and gut-wrenching; I share only a few as there are too many to share:

 ‘Thank you for asking. In early 2020, my 32 yr old son was struggling deeply with his mental health. He was starting to find support & help but in March of 2020 our governor (Evers in WI) shut our state down. I saw my son come back from meeting after meeting saying they could no longer meet. I sat & cried because I knew this couldn't be good. He only made it 2 months under lockdown and committed suicide on May 21, 2020.’


‘I almost completely lost faith in the medical establishment and vaccines. Also became more knowledgeable about virology and immunology than I ever imagined. Learned a lot about population control, totalitarianism, and gaslighting. 55 injuries including 14 deaths in my circle.’


‘Blood clotting periods (3) and I’ve not had a period in 20+ years (72), Skin patches ( large) over my trunk (dermatologist said own body attacking itself), Rare UTI ( also dr said own body (immune) not able to fight it. )’


‘Delayed getting my 86-year-old disabled father his first shot until late 2021 because I was worried he was too frail. Siblings very critical about that. Eventually he had to get his first shot because the plan was for him to go interstate to live with my sister. Couldn't cross State lines in Australia without deathjabs. He died a couple of months after his first AZ. Never exposed to covid, and always seemed to fight off viruses just fine. I can't work in my former field. Family member has had four deathjabs and was bedridden with covid for over a week.’


‘I convinced my 85 year old Mother to not take the shot. Fast forward two years; she went to the hospital, and they killed her with Remdesivir and Midazolam.’


‘Since I took the shots, my heart just hurts, my chest, there is this pain daily and I have been to the doctor who cannot tell me what is wrong and I told him it must be the vaccine, the look on his face made me know he knows it is the vaccine, something is not good with me since the shots and I am very scared as some days I think I am going to die’


‘Thank you for doing this.. My friends are dropping right and left. some have sudden onset cancers or severe heart problems. Its all so very sad, it is really hard to wrap ones head around how evil this is. :('


‘I lost my job, and my career of nearly 3 decades was destroyed - not by COVID, but by the government! If the government gained anything from that (unlikely, apart from the severe expansion of its powers), that's far outweighed by the losses - losses of mine, my family, and the community for which I worked. The introduction of totalitarianism and forced experimental injections is extremely chilling and chronically reduces quality of life for me and my family.’


‘My son thinks that his spleen is enlarged. He can't get the medical help he wants. I told him not to get vaccinated. I told both his sisters. They still did it. Now he and is two sisters are very sick. I live daily thinking they will die’


‘My sister 60 years old got the shots for her job. Out running and started having pain in her legs couldn’t breathe then thought she was having a heart attack with severe chest pain. Now her heart doesn’t beat the way it should. Doctor can’t explain why. Youngest sister 52 had one shot same thing happened to her while exercising but not as bad. Doctor told her it was stress. Both where in excellent health.

Best friend 63 years old got one shot. Had bad hip and leg pain and felt like he couldn’t breathe while playing golf had to stop. Still having issues Doctor can’t explain.

Neighbor told he had cancer and died two weeks later.

Sister-in-law went to hospital for breathing issues told she had C19. Put on protocols and died in a week at 60.

Two of my old workmates died within a week after getting their first shot.

The madding thing about this for me and my wife is we warned them, they didn’t listen thinking we were crazy. They still aren’t connecting the dot’s. I think people can’t believe it or they can’t admit what they have done to themselves and their own kids. I’m afraid this is just the beginning. Pray I’m wrong.

Thanks for all your doing to help us. God bless you for sharing truth.’


‘Lost relationship with my Brother. Was shut out of hospital when my Father was dying. Partner lost her business. Son developed "exertion headaches" post Jab. Daughter had heart issues post jab and developed chronic vertigo. Aunt died suddenly.’


‘I am a nurse practitioner, now done with medicine because of this. Amoral decisions. Greed. Cruelty. Evil. Medicine is no longer the profession I onced loved. In early 2021, a dear Bible study friend tested positive and, while waiting for her early treatment meds from the Frontline Doctors, was rushed to the hospital by her worried husband. Less than a week later, my previously healthy friend was given the death cocktail and a vent (against her will) and was gone from our lives. Three months after that, my childhood best friend, driven mad by the covid fear porn and lockdown isolation, disowned all unjabbed, including me, got the jab herself, then shot herself in the head. I agree with Dr Paul when he calls for trials & punishment. After all these evil people have done to us, I support no mercy for them, as they showed none to either of my friends or to any of the dear people in these comments. May the Lord bless us all. Thank you, Dr Paul, for caring.’


‘I lost my husband in April of 2020, before the chit really hit the fan, yet, was denied an autopsy, and funeral. Fast forward, my entire family on my husbands side is dead from the pfizer kill shots, my daughter who had to take the shots for work as a firefighter, now has blood clots, POCS, heart problems and a whole host of other ailments. She was adamantly warned by me Not to take it to find another job, now I’ll be burying another family member, probably very soon.

I have been banned, barred, ridiculed, called everything you can imagine, I’ve lost all of my friends many whom are dead today, because I was the crazy one.

Even today I’m looked at like I’m some kind of alien, all because I don’t believe in vaccines

Never did and don’t care who recommends them. I’ve always believed that God gave us everything we need here in nature to heal and cure our beautifully and wonderfully designed bodies. So, far so good, 20+ years of no docs or harmacuiticles and I’m doing just fine, lonely yet healthy.

Prayers to others who have experienced losses and debilitating illnesses. No one is untouched by this mass Genocide, brought on by our very own gubment. It’s time to wake up address these shots for what they really are….BIO WEAPONS! Unfortunately, we ain’t seen nothing yet, it’s only going to get worse. The more information we can get out, the more lives we can save! It’s time to stand up and take our body sovereignty BACK!’


‘In the two+ years since Covid regulations began, my life has consisted of loss after loss. My cousin died 3 days after her Covid vaccination; my church closed and I lost the relationships there; my relationship with a family member deteriorated over our differences about the vaccine and masks. My husband and I were unable to have a gathering to celebrate our 50th anniversary. My gym closed and I lost health gains that I had made there. I know we can't definitely link cancers to the vaccine, but I lost my brother to a rapidly metastasizing cancer and a close family member now has leukemia. I imagine most Americans are dealing with the grief as a result of our losses during the Covid tyranny.’


‘Since we live remotely, I am the conduit between my family and the world. While disagreeing with the govt strong-arming, I still had to engage in essential activities. My fear was that if something happened to me (e.g. arrests, fines and govt abuse, as I had seen happen to others locally and nationally), what would happen to my family. It became obvious that neighbours had differing opinions, creating an oppressive environment of prejudice and distrust, where we were previously courteous and collaborative. The shock of how swiftly and extremely society can crumble! I struggle daily to find a way forward.’


‘My father in law and uncle (in law) both died in hospital because of protocol not because of COVID. My husband had to get vaccine or he would have been let go. My mother in law now has breast cancer that came about right after her 4th booster.’


‘My entire future has been impacted because of the "vaccine". My only child, a daughter took 2 Pfizer shots to travel and for her job, also my dear friends were forced to get injected to work and now their health has been severely impacted which causes me much grief and anger. I live in fear of losing them to this horrendous jab,. The media lied to us all but they didn't think our government would lie to them so they took it. I also worry now for my friends who did not take the jabs because I fear the government will hunt them and myself down. This worldwide horror show will go down in history as the darkest time ever.’


‘I was terrorized by my employer after senior management discovered I was unvaccinated. My religious and medical accommodations were denied, and I was subjected to falsified disciplinary actions as pretexts to terminate me for cause. I was hospitalized hours before I was scheduled to be terminated with symptoms of stroke and severe anaphylaxis. My employer maintained that regardless of my disabilities and ongoing health emergency I would be terminated if I failed to get vaccinated. My employer ignored Florida law and rejected my Religious Exemption. The State of Florida took no action despite proof my employer violated the law. I was terminated when I failed to get vaccinated, and then reinstated. I am suing for intentional discrimination, ADA and Civil Rights violations, privacy violations, harassment, retaliation, disparate treatment, and other torts. The EEOC issued its findings last week and granted permission to file suit. Fortunately I possess incontrovertible evidence of collusion, fraud, and illegal conduct. Be sure and record or transcribe all calls and meetings according to state law.’


‘I was not vaxed when I had a medical emergency and was hospitalized from 12/10/2021 to 1/22/2022. I was cv-negative, thank God when I entered the hospital. The treatment I received in the hospital was so much worse than anything my friends and family did to me because I was not vaxed. I never felt such discrimination, it was awful. I made it through, but I will never forget that treatment. Such a disgrace.’


‘My brother was murdered

I knew Fauci protocol would kill him.

Since questioning or gasp, saying Fauci lies was verboten, his wife wouldn’t listen.

The Drs would take care of him….

Yup. Right to the grave.’


‘The vaccine mandates have caused me to lose my job of 20 years. I’m a Sonographer. There is a world-wide shortage in this area too! I have been through mental torment, lost “friendships”, and been locked out of my church! I understand why some people committed suicide. Being locked out of society and not able to contribute or earn is devastating.’


‘One of the worst periods in my life started the day the most important person in my life said to me “I am going to get the jab”. Fortunately, I and some adverse reactions around us avoided it. Then, the possibility of a required pass haunted me for months until I decided to turn the tv off. From that moment on, everything got better.’


‘I feel for you, I know how it made you feel, during lockdown in the uk I often felt life wasn’t worth living, that the rug was pulled away from me. I said to my son I would rather die of covid and live a full life than live a half life. I didn’t lose my job as a legal secretary but they were threatening us as it’s a US law firm in London and 7 of us held firm. But some family called us anti vaxers, they hoped we didn’t die of covid. It was our fault that covid was spreading. I’ll never forget the mental torture, anguish they put me through, the loss of my liberty and freedom, loss of time with with dad. he’s still here and the lies and BS they fed us and the fear.’


‘I served in the military for 16 years and was proud to do so. My goal was to retire at 20+ years as a reservist. I filed for a religious exemption and was told it wouldn't be accepted. The military changed the rules for medical and administrative exemptions as well. They also changed the rules for drilling reservists and came down extra hard on senior officers, as they can't have dissension at higher ranks. I got an expedited honorable discharge, lost any possibility of retirement and worst of all, lost faith in the entire chain of command to stand up for what is ethical, lawful and constitutional.’


‘After reading so many of these comments, I feel my experiences during the past three years are trivial. Friends turned their backs on me because I declined the experimental biologicals. Colleagues at the lawn bowling club refused to be in the same car with me. Another member filed a written complaint about my being unvaxxed to management committee. We lost friends since then who had rapid onset of turbo cancers. No one seems to connect the dots. Arrythmias, sepsis, blood clots, strokes, heart attacks, serious lung infections. Police cars driving up and down UK streets looking for anyone out when they shouldn’t be. Chased two 70+ year olds, who were sitting on a bench on the seafront, home. In 26 years living in the UK, we were lucky if we saw a police car once a year.’


‘Both of my daughters were mandated to get it by “higher learning”. Universities should be sued for liability. NYC wouldn’t seat me for dinner without the vax card. My life wasn’t in danger but now I understand how the Nazis got rolling’


‘my daughter jumped at the chance since she was a teacher and could get it sooner. She's taken 3 shots total. She has anemia now & 2 other irregularities on her last year's bloodwork. She goes in next week for another test. Naps 2-3 hours a day (works 3 part-time jobs). Scares me since she already has issues with scar tissue from 6 bowel surgeries.’


‘It's been a challenge, hardest struggle as been my father's wife working to deny him a relationship with my son (born early 2020) and myself over my lack of vaccination. It's also watching my wife walk into a pharmacy to take something she doesn't want to. All guided under the fear to keep her job after begging her not to do it. The past 3 years have enabled me to see people for who they are. I now see those that possess discernment, self awareness and critical thinking. Unfortunately, I see the many that do not.’


‘A hospital killed my brother with remdesivir and a ventilator and refused to give him ivermectin while we begged them to give it and not remdesivir. (And he already lost his income with their lockdowns because he refused to get vaccinated.) They also drugged him and when he would wake up they forced more opiates to keep him asleep till he died. We don't think he was that sick to begin with but after he was hospitilized, everything went South. They kept us from seeing him. And gave us crap because he wasn't vaccinated and we also are not vaccinated. Then they wanted us to pull the plug because they had a shortage of beds but tried to put it on us saying Heaven needs him. Complete scumbags. So his daughter lost her father and his sisters lost their brother.’


‘Exact same story regarding two childhood friends......they passed earrly on while the FDA recommendation was to do nothing except go to ER when hypoxic......evil bastards.’


‘I am a teacher of 26 years and was escorted out of my classroom for not masking and was made to look like I was the criminal. Standing up for my rights and religious belief was a very emotional and scary moment. Many people looked down on me when this happened. However, proud to know I did what was right as a patriot and a woman of God! Met many new amazing people who have been my motivation and inspiration!’


‘As an Emeritus Perfusionist had worked in OR consulting throughout until HHS mandated the jab which I refuse and lost my ability to work. Lost my ability to receive the Eucharist as mass was on line during the shut down and for a Catholic that was devastating not being able to be in the physical presence of Our Lord. The gym was closed, I am an avid bodybuilder and lost muscle mass and the emotional outlet. Recently lost two friends 48 and 63 who died suddenly. Two brothers vax injured. The toll on my aging mother of not seeing anyone for months really set her back.’


‘My world as I knew it has almost entirely crumbled away. I find it too painful to say more other than that I want to remember and honor what was good, and to bring what I can forward. Thank you, Dr. Alexander, for standing for freedom.’


‘I went to my local municipal council to state my case regarding my choice to just not ... I was met by OPP officers as an anti-vax protestor. I was unable to travel in my own country and alienated from family and friends. I managed to work my way thru all of this but the most unforgivable was that I was unable to visit with a dying friend, that I had cherished for 40 years, as the unvaccinated were the plague itself! I said goodbye to a wooden urn.’


‘My elderly parents and sister have each allowed themselves to be jabbed 5 times, and they are still true believers in the vaxx. They cried and begged me to get the shot so I wouldn't "die." Now, they all have persistent health issues, and I am absolutely fine. All of my children believed in these shots and also have had theirs. I don't know how many, because they won't talk to me about it. I count my blessings that I did not lose my job, but I was under extreme pressure to get the shot. I am the sole holdout at my workplace. The worst part through all of this has been the great feeling of hopelessness, as I have feared losing everyone I know and care about from these poison injections. It has been heartbreaking that I couldn't get through to "save" anyone. I lost a 3-year relationship because he didn't want to date someone with wrong think who was barred from entry to the many places we used to enjoy. It was chilling to see and hear how so many "kind and caring" community members could so easily turn to a two-tier social system and turn us into pariahs. They truly believed we were toxic and did not deserve to receive emergency treatment at the hospitals. This personally affected me because my entire social structure was blown apart, and I was left with only myself and God. That's how I got through the darkest parts. Most nights as I turned into bed, I would hear myself saying, "well, there goes another day, just like the one before it. What is the point?" Never suicidal. Just acknowledging how it felt.’


‘With virtually everyone around me being captured in the Cult of Covid, I started to question my own sanity but eventually came to the following conclusion: Those who engage in bullying, blackmailing and coercing are on the wrong side of history, therefore I'm not the crazy one.’


‘My daughter was on a tennis and academic scholarship for college. In the fall of 2021, she was made ineligible to play tennis because she asked for accommodation to the college’s Covid PCR testing protocol for unvaccinated athletes (she never shared her Covid vaccination status with the college but they told her they would assume she was unvaccinated).

The minds games the school played. She was allowed to sit at tennis practice, but not participate. She was not allowed to workout with the tennis team in the weight training room (yeah...this was all about health) but she could go later at night to the gym by herself if it was open (Covid protocol on campus).

At one point she was called into the Athletic Director’s office and was told that her Covid testing issues go away when she gets vaccinated. This was blatant coercion.

Mentally and physically distraught by the situation (lost 15 pounds) she left the school.

We tried to find a lawyer to help our daughter, but at the time, no one would take the case.’


‘I'm glad I'm not alone. I'm married to a narcissist. The lies, cheating, gaslighting, all that and more makes me doubt everyone and everything. Add in a degree in biology and the only thing I could think about the BS was, "Yeah. Sure." I tried to warn my best friend of 52 years and they started screaming at me. That was my only close friend. --- No longer. I was heartbroken for about a year.’


‘My entire future has been impacted because of the "vaccine". My only child, a daughter took 2 Pfizer shots to travel and for her job, also my dear friends were forced to get injected to work and now their health has been severely impacted which causes me much grief and anger. I live in fear of losing them to this horrendous jab,. The media lied to us all but they didn't think our government would lie to them so they took it. I also worry now for my friends who did not take the jabs because I fear the government will hunt them and myself down. This worldwide horror show will go down in history as the darkest time ever.’


‘My doctor pushed the vaccines and required a mask over my mouth AND nose the entire time I was in the office. I told her I I was having difficulty breathing due to my asthma and asked if I could at least lower the mask under my nose so I could breathe. She said “ sure as soon as you get vaccinated, how about getting vaxxed now?” I reminded her I was highly allergic to the flu vaccine due to PEG allergies and the Covid vax should not be given to people with PEG allergies. My doctor said, “where did you hear that, it’s not true.” I said, “oh really, can I see the ingredients list?” She ignored me. As much as I tried, I couldn’t keep my mouth shut. I said, “I suppose you believe Covid is organic too, I know for a fact it’s a bio weapon and I don’t trust a supposed cure (the vax) for a bio weapon the government created.”

My brother in law had a stroke and blood clots after the vax. I tried telling my sister the vax could be the cause but she didn’t believe me, she said they would be talking about it on the news if true.’


‘I left my job as a PICU nurse after 38 years rather than be subjected to an experimental injection. I have lost all my faith and trust in the medical system and that grief and loss will stay with me forever. My new heroes are those brave men and women who put their education, experience, and livelihoods on the line to speak out against the medical tyranny and injustice that has occurred globally since March 2020. I want my old life back and know it can never be.’


‘And you know what is even more terrifying? My sister and my husband were both diagnosed with cancer within three weeks of each other, and had to go to the hospital for multiple procedures. My husband had a 7- hour surgery three weeks ago and spent a week in the hospital. My sister is getting daily radiation and low- dose chemo for seven weeks. How do I trust the healthcare workers taking care of them when the majority have drunk the kool-aid and betrayed our trust in so many ways.’


‘I was illegally put out of work with a major hospital system due to the mandates in 2021, causing a major financial disruption. As a result, I can no longer work in my chosen profession in Philadelphia due to a city government-imposed vaccine mandate for anyone employed in the medical and education sectors. This is in addition to similar mandates imposed by the employers. Even now, I am limited to the jobs to which I can apply—even outside of education and medicine—because of these stupid mandates, even for FULLY-REMOTE jobs!! It is absolute insanity.’


‘Coerced into taking 1 dose Moderna in Jan 2021 and had an immediate reaction and on-going symptoms. It changed my life in a negative way.’


‘I'm sorry that should have happened to you! One of my work friends, who retired about the same time I did in 2020, had similar happen. A tiny little lady, about the same size as me at age 10, she got nailed with that 3x-sized dose, had an emergency room visit within 2 days and then so many problems afterwards, making everything so much more difficult.’


‘Not counting the family lost to illegal hospital drugs and protocols...Not counting the resulting barrier between vaccinated and un-vaccinated family members and friends...Not counting the rude remarks for not wearing a useless mask...Not counting the inconvenience of shopping at only government selected "big stores"...Not counting being forbidden to purchase drugs that would have prevented serious pain and suffering from a manufactured virus...

BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY, I will never be able to put my trust in any so-called medical doctor who took an oath to 'do no harm' and then turn and cause more harm and death than anyone could imagine...!

I'll die from self-treatment before I will ever check into a hospital or visit a doctor...The distrust and disgust with the entire medical establishment is beyond belief and it can never be repaired...!’


‘My daughter's charter school illegally mandated the shot mid-year (after stating specifically in the summer they would not be requiring it) and kicked her out (again, illegally) when she didn't get it. Her best friends' families would not allow her to come to their house or ride in their car. Her school friends turned on her for being "toxic" and "selfish". She spent the second half of her high school freshman year alone in her room doing online learning. Our younger daughter was so conditioned to wearing masks she cried uncontrollably when the mandate was lifted and we wouldn't allow her to wear it anymore, sobbing that she "didn't like her face". We weren't allowed in restaurants (including outside seating) or other venues. Our best friends were avoiding us (even though we all had natural immunity) and saying things like unvaccinated people shouldn't get healthcare. We ended up completely uprooting to move to a more free state and have forgiven our friends for their fear but we will never forget what we went through or forgive the state and its people who turned us out.’


‘The Covid-19 Mandate was illegally enforced on me by my employer a leader in the telecommunications and radio industry. I was ordered to work from home by employer March 2020 and refused. I continued to go into work during the pandemic with no fear of getting the virus or spreading it, as I was always aware that it was the common cold and flu virus. Winter of 2020 corporate security inquired with my hiring manager to provide a business case as to why I was still coming into the office to conduct business. I did not provide one, other than letting them know I was hired five months prior to the pandemic to come into work and perform my duties and responsibilities as outlined in my job offer/contract. My employer kept changing the covid-19 policy, moving the parameters as the months went by. September 2021 my employer issued rapid testing for those employees who did not attest to getting two covid vaccines. Hence I began completing rapid testing every 2-3 days and submitting my results online. Not once did I test positive for covid. Then November 2021 my hiring manager insists I work from home until Omicron was no longer a threat. In my head I'm like whaaat!!! Threat to who? December 2021 was when I finally inquired through Human Resources for a Religious Exemption, and submitted my request. My Religious Exemption was denied just like that, saying it doesn't fall on any of the protected grounds. Then Feb. 1 2022 I was put on LOA due to non vaccination!!!! I am so very thankful that I know The God I serve is Merciful and Faithful to me. I did not break, or succumb to the tyranny of the Canadian government. I was denied EI. My insurances did not honour my balance protections on my credit cards, so my credit rating has taken a big hit. Yes, there were times that I felt like I wasn't going to make it. I tried to find employment elsewhere but couldn't because every employer in Toronto, Canada wanted proof of vaccination, proof of two shots. I managed to find remote work, but it was very stressful, the pay was below minimum wage. I have suffered physically and mentally through this ordeal, and still suffering even though I am back with the employer that put me on LOA. No apologies, no back pay. I WANT JUSTICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’


‘My family, and specifically my 2 daughters (5 and 9 at the start of the pandemic) missed out on the last 2 yrs of their grandmother’s life. We had to stay away from each other and more-so from my immediate family b/c we would not get jabbed. She passed from a failed bone marrow transplant after acute leukemia in June 2022. I question if the jab instigated that cancer. I work 100% from home and was still mandated to be jabbed by my employer. Thankfully my exemption was accepted. Thankfully as well, my custody agreement assigns me as the final decision maker for health related decisions for my now 11 year old. Or her father would have jabbed her as soon as it was made available😢’


‘Our children were bullied at school for not being jabbed, our business was crippled thanks to the government enforced vaccine mandates and segregation in NZ, we had to sell our home and move due to financial hardship from no longer being allowed to work. See my interview here https://odysee.com/@MaajidNawaz:d/FULLRadical31:6 also see the documentary film we are producing covering our protest at parliament https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDs49oVa44oXvnBtpDxVA2w/featured


‘I was forced to take the vaccine for my employment as an RN. It has taken over 18 months for my vax injuries to subside. I had chest pain, pericarditis, infero-lateral ST segment flattening and depression, transaminitis, and a D-Dimer 4 times above normal . I am a non-smoking, non-drinking, exercising, fit vegan. My best friend from grade school died from an accelerated cancer after her vaccine. Her original cancer probably could have been detected months earlier had she not been frightened by the media telling everyone to stay home. She subsequently missed her yearly physical which would have detected it when it was more curable. My own sister absolutely refuses to believe that this vaccine is unsafe or that I have been injured by it. I’ve had friends who have yelled at me because I try to talk to them about the pandemic response and that there were successful treatments early on that could have saved lives. These people are angry at me!! Not at king Fauci!! They should be grateful that nobody needs to suffer through Covid, but they refuse to acknowledge that reality! I have friends and coworkers who are morbidly obese from the depression and horrible eating habits that they started during lockdown.’


‘I am a teacher of 26 years and was escorted out of my classroom for not masking and was made to look like I was the criminal. Standing up for my rights and religious belief was a very emotional and scary moment. Many people looked down on me when this happened. However, proud to know I did what was right as a patriot and a woman of God! Met many new amazing people who have been my motivation and inspiration!’


‘Here’s how I was affected. From the moment I heard in the TV “fifteen days...” I knew this was bad and would never end. Not voluntarily. I just knew they were lying.

My son as made to leave his dorm and his friends after just getting used to his first year of university and by the time July came around he was actually talking about not wanting to live. I couldn’t believe it.

My aunt who lived alone refused to see anyone for the longest time. I would bring her groceries but she didn’t want me to stay long and she just withered away. She passed away six months ago. I blame it on all of this.

I was to have knee surgery which was canceled three times due to what? Some ridiculous rule at the hospital that no one else but possible Covid patients could be seen. My knee was never done correctly and I’m still trying to find someone to fix it.

These sick people have destroyed so many lives. I think I have ptsd. I’m so angry. And I get even more angry when I realize since the govt was in cahoots with pharma , no one will EVER be held to account.’


‘I own a biz in Oz, 23 employees, started in 1996, we couldn't even go to our own work to run it! We were in the state of Australia that was locked down longest in the world, absolute no justification. We ended up placing biz on market and looked at every way possible to leave the country, but couldn't even do that with the laws. Rvery friend and family member was brainwashed by MSM crap, i lost my whole purpose in life, gave up and just lived with no care, the fuse was short, it changed me forever, forever i am changed. Now i just do whatever i want when i want and do not let government anywhere near me, in fact i break laws now without a care, fuck em all, my final years are going to be great because this scam has opened my eyes to the blatant worldwide corruption, the elites control, the propaganda machine, the way the mental LEFT has infiltrated every establishment. This gender crap, the racism crap, the trans crap, the white supremecy crap, all the other crap that gets shoved down our throats daiky isn't even what normal humans care about, we just wanna live our fricking lives how we want. So as you can see i am angry, i was never like this, i havnt even started on the liberties that were taken from us, the injustice and ridicule of unvaxed, the rights and freedoms that were crushed. I stick my middle finger to the world now and all i care about are family and friends.’


‘Thank you for asking.

I feel like 3 years of my life were stolen from me. If I was 25 or 30, I might not have been so upset.

But, I am not 25 or 30.

A good friend of mine died from cancer and I was not able to see her because of the covid restrictions.

My faith in the medical system, and my government, had totally collapsed.

And if it is true that this is a DoD genocide (which I believe is true according to the patents), the United States has turned into the anti-Christ or evil empire.’


‘I don’t break any laws but I’m always angry. every day I ask god for one good day but he never listens’


‘It has left me emotionally scarred I felt like I was watching a horror movie seeing through the plot and no one else could see it, I lived with having to listen to conversations of groups repeating last nights soundbites demonising those that doubted like hungry hyenas after our scraps I have lost three years of my life and still feel it's only the beginning.’


‘Not counting the family lost to illegal hospital drugs and protocols...Not counting the resulting barrier between vaccinated and un-vaccinated family members and friends...Not counting the rude remarks for not wearing a useless mask...Not counting the inconvenience of shopping at only government selected "big stores"...Not counting being forbidden to purchase drugs that would have prevented serious pain and suffering from a manufactured virus...

BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY, I will never be able to put my trust in any so-called medical doctor who took an oath to 'do no harm' and then turn and cause more harm and death than anyone could imagine...!

I'll die from self-treatment before I will ever check into a hospital or visit a doctor...The distrust and disgust with the entire medical establishment is beyond belief and it can never be repaired...!’


‘What I miss the most is the sense of community we once had in our area, the family ties. My wife and I are two of maybe a half dozen of our extended family not jabbed. We have been told to stay away, that we were killing others. Now I wait as we watch those jabbed family members get ill. Jabbed neighbors who were close friends #diesuddenly. It is painful and heartbreaking, and lonely. So we were right - for us. I don’t begrudge those taking the jab because they believed the narrative. I begrudge the ostracism because of our choice. And I no longer trust science, the medical community, or government. It is a lonely place, but I trust it will get better.’


‘I was struck off ( suspended for over two years so far) the Irish Medical register with the loss of my income ,profession, clinic. I was excluded and ostracized with the loss friends and some family members. I was publicly insulted ,demonized and vilified all because I refused to cooperate with the ludicrous directives of the DOH or administer the mRNA of unknown purpose. I am very happy with my decisions as the truth of c19 comes out. I am not a victim but a victor.’


‘lost every job i had when dictator andrew cuomo depersoned me and others in my field (nyc, music/arts adjacent) for being "non-essential." lost my home. burned through my modest savings. attacked and threatened at innumerable indoor spaces - restaurants, supermarkets, music venues, retailers - for not wearing a muzzle and not taking the lethal injection. lost five friends to the injection, another to propofol and fentanyl hospital protocol in march 2020, may lose a family member to crippling myocarditis from the moderna shot. consider myself lucky - other commenters have suffered far worse than me.’


‘Thank you for asking this question of everyone. It really was a nightmare living through that. I didn't know if I would have to go live in the woods because I was not going to take the jab or wear the facecloth. Luckily the people around me didn't act forceful like so many others experienced but I never knew how it would escalate. The entire thing was totally unnecessary and cost so many people's lives. It must never happen again and we need to discuss the conditions that it happened under. Why were so many gullible when it was obviously a farce? Probably like Astrid says, people are reluctant to think the government lies to them.’


‘The vaccine mandates caused me to sell my business after 46 years in business and commercial building. I have left the country although I still own a home in Vegas that I provide to my 91 year old mother and her caretaker, my 62 year old brother, free of cost. The lies and vitriol put out by the government, the media and most of liberal America, made me realize there is no place for me in the run down shabbiness of the New Amerika. I do love Costa Rica and it's new President who understands the damage the previous administration in Costa Rica caused.’


‘The vaccines mandates have caused me to lose my software engineering job of 17 years for the same company for refusing the vaccines; I had been working remotely at the time. Belongings had to be sold due to job loss. I lost two friends physically that died from the jabs (heart issues) and others that didn't wish to be friends anymore. A couple of relatives have died with turbo cancers and a vaxxed/jabbed cousin got diagnosed with ALS and another with spinal issues. Vaccinated family disowned me, no longer talking or communicating, inheritance withheld for standing against mandates for both vaccine and masks. Some jabbed family called for the unvaccinated to be killed or wished death upon them. Son turned to drugs (Fentanyl) and is now an addict due to all the stress going through school and family issues caused by the mandates, my job loss, etc. Many called me "conspiracy nut", "plague spreader", etc. My ex-employer called the unvaccinated "against the public good" in a companywide email. I have no respect for government, healthcare or large corporations at all anymore, but it was very little to begin with.’


‘When OUR DEAR LEADER HERE IN CANADA 🇨🇦 asked during an interview whether the UNVAXED should be TOLERATED! MY BLOOD RAN COLD. For the first time in my life I was afraid to live in Canada. I felt as though he essentially encouraged the public to NOT TOLERATE anyone who did not obey his edicts. I could imagine that most people would be civil, but the level of hysteria that had been conjured up also alarmed me to the point that not everyone would be civil. I then wondered how the unvaxed would be demarcated, aside from the Q.R. CODE already in use. I felt completely dehumanized and afraid. And I had no way to leave this country - as I was banned from aeroplanes, trains and boats. It was a horrible experience and I mo longer have any faith in political, medical or legal systems. Nor do have faith in Canada as a free country. It is not free. Also, we had a family member have her bank account frozen. CANADA IS BROKEN!!!’


‘I was living in Singapore when the world shut down on the 20 March 2020.

Two days later my mother passed away in her sleep in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The coroner there wanted to register her death as a Covid death, to which I objected. She was cremated and received the blessing of a priest, but there was no one else at her funeral. I am still struggling to figure out how to find closure on this front.

The Singaporean government locked us all up for most of 2020 and 2021 to higher or lesser degrees, but the controls were constantly in place. Worst of all individuals in Singapore are still being tracked with their TraceTogether app until today. The government told us that the app would not be used for any other purpose than to tracking covid cases. A few months after the app being implemented a crime case was solved using the app.

Before the vaccines were available and at the height of the lockdowns we could leave the house alone and run/ walk/ cycle, and the number of people allowed in the house was limited to 1 to somethings a few more.

Then the vaccine mandates were imposed. I did not want to take the vaccine or give it to my daughter, so we were treated differently from others in the sense that all the Covid pandemic rules still applied to us with the added governmental and societal pressure and additional rules.

We were severely discriminated upon and coerced to take the vaccines. Without vaccination - still today - one's Employment Pass is not given or renewed.

For almost a year unvaccinated individuals were not allowed back at their office environments (even if they got tested every day to show that there were not transmitting). My daughter had to be tested (the rapid test) every day for weeks and weeks to be able to attend school. We were not allowed to go to most supermarkets, as we were not allowed into shopping malls. We could only access specific pre-determined supermarkets which could be accessed from the street.

The government determined that unvaccinated persons would have to pay for their own hospital/ medical treatment if they caught Covid.

Neighbors told on neighbors who had more than the allowed number of visitors at home. Family members fought with family members because of the vaccine mandates and different opinions. Many people who I considered friends in the past I have no respect for any more.

I escaped Singapore in July 2022 and am now in the process of moving to Montana with my husband who is American. Unfortunately, as a foreigner to the United States I had to be vaccinated to be allowed to enter this country.

If these vaccines at the very least stopped transmission at least some of these madness would have made sense, as they don't I am still at a loss to understand how - with all the previous studies showing how harmful mrna technology and spike proteins can potentially be to humans and the low risks to most individuals of being harmed by having Covid - we ended up in the situation we are in today... with millions (potentially billions) of individuals injured or killed (or to be killed eventually) by these vaccines.

May all who have acted against the Nuremberg Code be held accountable in a court of law.


I will also say that I personally met 2 individuals, one in Austria (an Austrian friend) and one in London (a Nigerian person who I spoke with at the airport) who have lost their sister and brother respectively on the next day (Pfizer) and on the same day (I didn't ask which vaccine) that their took the vaccine.

I also met an Uber driver in London (and recorded his testimonial) who has been living in constant pain in the arm where the AstraZeneca 2nd shot was received. He is hardly able to drive to support his family. He told me that he has been to many doctors, who tell him that they see cases like this all the time and know that it is a result of taking the vaccine, but don't know how to help other than by prescribing pain killers.

The same situation (pain in arm) is happening to a personal friend of mine from Singapore after she received the booster.

I have a friend who took AstraZaneca in the UK and without having had a history of heart issues was lucky enough to discover during a check up that he needed to go for an open heart surgery. He suffered a stroke in the recovery room. He survived and is recovering slowly but his life will never be the same. He has not been able to go back to work yet. Even after what he went through, he still does not associate the vaccination with his experience.

I know friends and family members who had strokes, cloths in their lungs, worsening in their arthritis cases, etc.

The day after my husband took his first Moderna shot, I, unvaccinated, started experiencing difficulty breathing, which lasted for a week. I was in tip top physical shape, cycling hundreds of km a week. I never experienced fever, cough, and tested negative for Covid. I believe it was the shedding from my husband.’


‘I lost my job in medical research due to my refusal to get the shot. As a physician it was painful not being able to prescribe the medications you believed would improve your patients lives, even talking about them I was worried about losing my license.’


‘Declined the mandates: left my hi tech career of 43y with best work left behind. I warned a few at work but no

one believed me. Some colleagues who stayed on died. Our children working in the theater and film industries were without work and later caved in to shots to get jobs back. Our family and their lives asunder. However I learned quickly about the heroes of this episode in history: I am privileged to listen to their stories, learn from them and achieve thereby a coherent grip on the realities of medicine and government. And engage as a citizen as never before in my life. I will be one more voice defending our freedom and our Constitution. I get comments from around the world that we must succeed for their sake as well.’


‘I am ashamed to call myself a pharmacist. Fortunately, I was not employed during the height of the pandemic, but as I am seeking to reenter the workforce, I am looking for a new career outside of healthcare.’


‘The Covid-19 hysteria was the first time I've felt threatened by the very institutions whose function is to protect us. As the lockdowns, forced jabs and societal divisions intensified, I began to seriously study the events that put us in this situation. To my horror, I learned that our government's corruption went much deeper than Covid. There was a pattern of criminal activity, from the Biden's on down, that threatens our republic but has been ignored. Globalist powers have taken control of our government, and our government has forced institutions like the medical community to violate their oath by lying to patients and promoting a "vaccine" that has proven to be harmful to most and deadly to many. The globalist power grab if permitted to continue, will destroy our way of life and force us into a 3rd world way of life. The last depressing fact is that half our country believes whatever they're told and will walk off the cliff willingly if told to do so. Our world has become very dangerous. Sorry to go on. Edit as you see fit.’


‘My perception of our institutions; government (local, state, and national), medical, schools, has been forever damaged to the point that I no longer have any trust in any of them. From the lies and gaslighting about the plandemic's origins to the suppression and criminalization of therapeutics like Ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, vitamin D3, zinc, etc., my eyes have been opened to the frauds who are running things at the highest levels. I have learned that profit is above all in all of this. Nothing is sacred except greed, grift, and power.’


‘Because of Supreme Court ruling am unable to work in my profession. Unable to travel to Canada to see immediate family and attend life events because of Canadian mandate. Unable to visit daughter in maternity ward because of Covid visitor restrictions -in late 22. Husband felt compelled to get jab because of sick elderly father and worries that his access might be restricted-which it was but because 3 sibs and only allowed 2 visitors total in a hospitalization. Close family member heart attack at 35-jabbed for work. Family not aware of now documented censorship of media and social media which causes friction. Could keep going as it is the tip of the iceberg.’


‘I was hospitalized for 9 days with Covid pneumonia and a dvt in 2021 and I was offered remdesivir 4 times. I refused. I finally told the doctor I wouldn’t take it because I didn’t want to die! Then he said it was only a suggestion and crawled out of the room. Glad they didn’t force it on me.

I’ve never been so sick in my life. I couldn’t even walk to the end of my bed when I got home or the bathroom and needed oxygen. I developed tachycardia too. I never got ivermectin or hydroxichloroquine or anything that would helped me get well sooner.

I was prescribed a blood thinner and vitamins C, D and Zinc upon discharge.

It’s taken me a year+ to recover and I still can’t really taste or smell much. Sigh’


‘I said it from the start , whatever this is the bureau rats will make it worse. I could not have imagined how right i was.

I would need a book to share how i felt throughout this fakedemic. From being gaslight, ostracized, isolated, thought crazy and called out for not wearing a face diaper.

Emergency room doctors refuseing to listen to me about the shots and literally telling me to trust them as who am i to question a doctor.

I lost my job not once but twice at the City of Ottawa. I am still unemployed and my union will not let me speak freely. First firing was due to mandates. The second was because I continued to email jim watson and steve kanallakos about what they were doing. They were tired of hearing my voice and fired me. Their reason was i broke the code of conduct. What irony.

The union is on the Citys side. In my emails to the City of Ottawa. tyrants I called them evil virtue signallers and that they were acting like fascist dictators. So the union thinks i cannot be in the workplace. I am the villain and need to bend the knee to my superiors.

Anyways, i could go on and on.

I love you Paul. Great job. We need more like you!!!!

Thank you!!’


‘My 92 year old mother got caught up in a contract tracing dragnet when the care home hired a new employee. She "tested positive" and they wanted to quarantine her at the hospital. I hadn't been buying into any of it so I just brought her home for 10 days. On the last day, she had an episode of dehydration (on 3 stool softeners/laxatives) and became unresponsive. While getting rehydrated in the E.R. with an oxygen saturation of 100, she coughed once. The young woman E.R. doctor said "Lets get a pulmonary x-ray" She came back a few minutes after my mother, dressed in full PPE space suit and announced "It's COVID!" Diagnosed from an x-ray? Did you even listen to her lungs? I demanded to see the radiology report. Nothing on it about Covid. Or any serious pathology at all. When the discharge papers came through, it said "DIAGNOSIS-COVID-19. That's when I knew they were getting paid extra to make that diagnosis. That woman (can't really call her a doctor) wasn't the least little bit embarrassed to fake a diagnosis and lie to my face.

That was over a year and a half ago and both my mother and I remain alive and unvaccinated.’


‘I live in Canada and for six months was not allowed into public spaces such as restaurants, theatres, and gyms. And for an even longer time I was not allowed on domestic flights, with it being over a year before I could fly internationally without having to quarantine upon my return.

And of course like most unvaccinated I lost friends and even those that remained or later decided that “status” no longer mattered, have no inkling what life was like.

Our Prime Minster had the courtesy to call the unvaccinated racists, misogynists and a fringe minority with unacceptable views. Until last year I had never been genuinely afraid of society and my government and what steps they might take next. The rise of the Nazis and the persecution of the Jews has always been a mystery. How could an entire society become so mesmerized by a leader that they could commit such unconscionable atrocities? And yet, at least here in Canada we started down that road.’


‘I lost my registered nurse position because I would not take the Covid 19 vaccine . I was 6 months from retirement and getting my health benefits paid at 100%. The staff would get e-mail’s belittling the nurses for not following the science and to keep quiet about our opinions. Also my religious exemption was not excepted!’


‘My entire family is double vaxed, so many said I just want my life back. They believed what our government was saying even as the goal post continued to be moved. The entire covid narrative has

destroyed my faith in the medical establishment, and our elected officials. I have no idea what will happen in the years to come, how many will I lose?’



‘I must admit that I have suffered virtually no loss at all from the covid or govt measurements done in its name. Let me explain. I lost my job in April 2019, due to a chronic pain condition, lichen sclerosus.

My country's welfare system is extremely generous so I lost no lifestyle by losing my job per se and was not pressured to get jabbed or lose the job because the job was already gone.

And my govt has not yet, and i hope may never, mandated jabs for welfare recipients. So i have never been asked to get it

I own my own home for i inherited it free hold from my deceased parents and so am only liable for what americans might all municipal taxes ( we call them council rates) . And compared to rent they are a pittance.

I am largely confined to my house because of the pain as I cannot walk far , stand for long or even sit upright at a chair. But this is my condition not covid or the govt meaures. However it does mean I could not go to places i would have been excluded from for not having a vaxx passport

However that is no great loss, for I am something of a hermit and only have a small circle of friends. I only fell out with one of them 18 months ago over my views of covid and we reconciled 3 months later but i did not apologize for my views.

as for my vaxxed friends none have died but they were either female or men too old or too inactive to really be wrecked by myo and peri carditis. but two complain of chronice fatigue and one other of "long covid" which i suspect is vaxx injury

I am well enough for a man of 64 who can't really do any exercize because of chronic pain not linked to covid

Though a convinced christian i gave up churches decades ago as being heresy ridden and legalistic, so never had to face the trauma of being locked out of a church for not being jabbed. But my faith is not in them


I am furious at my criminal govt, not for what it did to me but for its cynical lawlessness, and what it did to the country at large.

I am deeply upset at the levels of cowardice and stupidity which were revealed to be available for exploitation by Govt and Big Harma ( this is a deliberate mis spelling. I drop the pee and learned something when first i did)

I am more of a small govt conservative than ever ( and i spent the first 40 years of my sentience as a socialist) and count myself blessed that i saw through the left in 2017 ( atage 58) before this madness started

and my trust in the medical profession is in the toilet , as they say. and if my GP did coerce jabs on anyone. in violation of the NZ Bill of Rights and the Nuremberg Code I would gladly see him hang, my affection for the man notwithstanding.

all in all i have been extremely lucky, or blessed by God.

or mybe my anger at what society is seen to be, and loss of faith in its institutions, is a damage done me by covid and the measures . . . .’