Hell No!!! Eff that COVID shot for my child!! 'Most Parents Are Saying No to Covid-19 Vaccine for Toddlers' Jared S. Hopkins & Kamp WSJ reports; 4% aged 6 months to 5 years have taken shot; FDA fails!

by Paul Alexander

Parents are having their say about Covid-19 vaccines for children under 5 & the answer so far is NO. Over a month after YES by FDA; Tell Fauci, Walensky, Francis Collins, Bourla, Bancel phuck off!

We are winning! This battle against FDA, CDC, NIH, NIAID, Pfizer and Moderna.

We are on the right side of history and pat yourself on the shoulder for this win and it is not over yet!

This after the U.S. CDC recommended & FDA approved based on fraud Pfizer data. Fraud data.

Keep this up American parents, this be the hill you battle for and be prepared to die on! This is our hot gates, your Thermopylae, and where we hold them! Be prepared to lay your life down for your kids, grand kids in this fight. Your whole life came to this moment! All the great things about you, now come to a head.



Most Parents Are Saying No to Covid-19 Vaccines for Toddlers; More than a month after the shots became available, roughly 4% to 5% of children under 5 years have received them





Lee Muller’s substack is here

Lee Muller, a subscriber on my substack is prolific in her intensity & depth, & I want to share this latest input to a piece I shared earlier on COVID child vaccines; support Lee, support her stack

Support her. Lee Muller’s substack is here

Lee writes (I am copying it as she wrote it):

“Will I take the shot or allow my child to?”

This time, I could not answer right away. I only had questions that needed to be answered.

I share these questions below because autumn is quickly approaching, and more shots, drugs, and medical procedures will be recommended for a multitude of reasons.

These are questions I will ask for any shot, drug, or medical procedure I am considering or being considered for me.

Many questions are listed, so feel free to pick your top three to five questions as a start to ask your clinician and/or research for yourself.

  1. Does this shot, drug, or medical procedure even apply to me, if for example, I already achieved natural immunity?

  2. What are all of the alternative treatments or courses of action specific to me?

  3. Will I be valued if I choose to be part of the control group — one that chooses not to participate for proper scientific application and comparison?

  4. What is the quantified risk, specific to me, if I do not take the shot, drug, or medical procedure?

  5. If there are alternatives, why would some experts say they are good and some say they are not?

  6. Am I able to decide which opinion I wish to take, be it a second, third and so on, opinion?

  7. It is safe, and to what degree is it considered “safe” for me specifically?

  8. Is there a guarantee that it is safe?

  9. Do I have a complete list of the exact ingredients and amounts that will be administered to me specifically?

  10. If I am much smaller or larger than the average person, can I ask for a different dose size?

  11. Can getting the incorrect dose, frequency, or time between doses overstress my immune system?

  12. Has this been tested for interactions with the specific prescriptions I take and the medical conditions I have?

  13. Is it effective, and to what degree is it considered “effective” for me specifically?

  14. Is there a guarantee that it is effective?

  15. Is what it is effective for, a moving target (for example, RNA viruses such as influenza or coronaviruses)?

  16. If something is a moving target, how can I be sure I am getting the right thing for the current target?

  17. If this shot, drug, or medical procedure is changing the way my body would normally function, how long will this change remain in place?

  18. What are the short and long term side effects?

  19. If the side effects are not known, how can I decide that this would be a good choice?

  20. For each person telling me that it would be good for me, have they done it themselves and if not, for what reason?

  21. What trials have taken place?

  22. If so, how many subjects are and they similar to my age, sex, health, and immunity status?

  23. Are the trials randomized and controlled?

  24. What trial data is available and should I be concerned if certain information is hidden (redacted)?

  25. Should I be concerned if trial data is not publicly available?

  26. If subjects cannot be found for the trials, what happens then?

  27. If trials are skipped or not planned to take place, why and should I be concerned that early users are the trials?

  28. How can I ensure that I am receiving complete and accurate information?

  29. Is it possible for FOIA requests to be ignored or severely delayed?

  30. Is there an effort to exempt FOIA requests about this shot, drug, or procedure?

  31. Am I being pressured to take it?

  32. Would I still take it if I weren’t getting pressured?

  33. Was a survey taken ahead of time to determine how much product is needed before manufacturing it, and if not, why not?

  34. Who is paying for the product?

  35. If it is free from the government and taxpayers are funding it, shouldn’t they have say in how much should be manufactured in the first place?

  36. Who is benefiting financially if I take it?

  37. Will the manufacturer, persons approving the product or service, distributor, administrators of the shot, be held liable if something goes wrong?

  38. If no one is held liable, how can I ensure quality of product or procedure?

  39. What is different according to the law if I accept taking this under emergency use authorization?

  40. Are there some groups of people who are protected more than me, and if so, why?

  41. Am I willing to be part of an experiment, if it is an experiment?

  42. If placebos are given, wouldn’t this be fraud and would I be able to seek justice?

  43. If I am harmed:

    • will there be a way to fix the harm or could it be irreparable?

    • will I need to prove who is at fault?

    • who will take care of me?

    • will I be compensated?

    • is there a guarantee I will be compensated?

    • if there is a guarantee, but is not upheld, what can I do?

    • if it is contaminated, will I be able to prove this and will I be compensated?

    • if the manufacturer is fraudulent, will I be able to prove this and will I be compensated?

    • if it is stored improperly or expired, will I able able to prove this and will I be compensated?

    • if it is administered improperly, will I able able to prove this and will I be compensated?

    • if the instructions for administering the product, (e.g., not requiring aspirating a needle to check if a blood vessel has been hit), will I be able to prove this and will I be compensated?

    • will it be acknowledged if I’ve been harmed, or could it be swept under the rug if too many people are harmed?

    • if I’m not compensated, how will I pay to fix the damage done?

    • if I’m not compensated, what if I can’t pay to fix the damage done?

  44. If I mix shots from different manufacturers because I’m told it is okay to, how can I tell which may have negatively affected me, or whether the combination negatively affected me?

  45. Lastly, have I asked all of the questions that need to be asked, and have I answered them adequately to make an informed decision for my child?

It is imperative to understand that subjects in an experiment have extreme value and are sought out. Without subjects, an experiment cannot take place. Depending on the experiment, serious and severe adverse reactions, including death, could be possible outcomes. For insects or animals, life may be ended because of undue suffering; but, humans are not fruit flies or rodents.

The purpose of an experiment is to have a hypothesis, try something with controlled variables, observe what happens, analyze results and make conclusions.

All of this must be done ethically with complete informed consent.

Everyone should be able to choose without coercion or a mandate. To take away that choice, is to take away their right to a second opinion. Everyone should be entitled to listen to and choose a second opinion if they desire such as their human right.