"Henry Kissinger: Ukraine must give Russia territory"; not getting into all my views on Henry but there is some sage in this if as reported, I am not sure about the territory part though

by Paul Alexander

This must stop; the west/US must get the hell out of this, stop the war mongering, when we are here because of the role of the west in fostering this; Ukraine could never be in NATO; US knew it

This read has some interesting issues to consider. Firstly, I believe nothing the news media writes on the Russia-Ukraine war, nothing. Nothing FOX says or CNN, nothing. I have no dog in this fight. Ukraine is not of any vital (national security) interest to the US except it is a piggy bank and slush fund for crooked politicians in DC and across the US (and world), both repubs and dems, via US tax payer money. They enrich themselves. So this is the interest. We are sending 40$ billion more when our streets are crime ridden and borders breached. Did the senators and congresspeople who voted to send the money, get on a plane and go to the border? Did they go to the US inner cities where hundreds are killed per weekend? How much of the 40 billion $ (and counting) is going directly or indirectly into the pockets of government officials, their pork, to their families, and buddies? How much? Like the billions defrauded from the pandemic emergency funding PPE/PPP money? How much? Like the billions given to the medical system and hospitals yet they are saying they are under strain? So someone stole the money. Who? These are just crooks stealing continuously from the tax payer. IMO. I may be right or I may be wrong. But I have been listening and no case has been made as to the 40 billion $ for Ukraine.

The US and west and Europe knew Putin would never stand by and allow Ukraine into NATO. Why would he? This is my opinion, I am not a bad person for saying this, its my opinion. If Canada allowed Russia to place nuclear missiles and troops in Niagara falls on Canada side, should the US sit idly by? No, that is an act of aggression and provocation and must not stand as Russia will be on the US’s doorstep. Same here. Should Putin be o.k. with NATO troops and even US troops and weapons on the border between Ukraine and Russia? I have allegiance to the US and not Russia. I am very against what Putin has done. Yet I am trying to think this through logically and fairly and just cannot understand why it was allowed to get here.

Putin reacted as he should but should not have been forced to by the west who provoked and are amping up hot war. For money? Profits? Innocent people should not have been killed by Putin and for the west’s provocation. This is brutally painful and unforgiveable. In the end, the usual result will occur. Crooked people in the US and west will swoop in and make billions rebuilding. This is a criminal enterprise and always, poor innocent people die for rich malevolent sick people to prosper more.

Russia and Putin still lives in the Cold War mind set. We should have understood Putin is a paranoid suspicious tyrant and would not be able to stand by. In my simple humble opinion, we are playing a dangerous game. Russia and China can and may unite. Do we want this? Can the US challenge a united Russia and China, both nuclear armed? The idiots in State are pushing for a hot war and have no idea what they are saying or doing. Would it be their sons and daughters sent in harms way? This needs an urgent negotiated settlement. This needs urgent elderly statesmen stateswomen discussions. Not nuclear war. No more deaths. Most of these idiots at State are still wearing bracers and cannot even pee straight and some even still live in mommy’s basement in DC. Yet want war with Russia.

Note, this is my opinion. I may be wrong and I may be right. Only my opinion and based on what I know or think I know.

Henry Kissinger: Ukraine must give Russia territory