hhhhhmmm, what is happening in New Zealand? Did I not write here and was even attacked, that just wait, New Zealand is in trouble, it locked down too hard and too long; now look...no natural immunity

by Paul Alexander

Just as I said, with OMICRON, and no background immunity, the population is like a sponge of susceptibles...moreover, vaccination has made it worse

There is even emerging reports in New Zealand’s Pandemic of the Fully Vaccinated whereby up to 100% of Covid-19 Hospitalizations are among the Fully Vaccinated according to official data


‘The New Zealand Ministry of Health has refused to publish the number of Covid-19 deaths by vaccination status, but we think it’s plain to see by the very limited data they have quietly published on Covid-19 hospitalisations, that the country is very much in the midst of a Pandemic of the Fully Vaccinated, and it looks like Covid-19 vaccination has offered zero benefit in preventing hospitalisation.

In fact, from the numbers given it appears vaccination has made things worse.’