Hhhhmmm, so let's see, do we admit now that all we did was a failure and the vaccines DON'T work and actually cause infections, variants, and harms? Or do we begin a hot war with Russia? Hhhmmmm

by Paul Alexander

Hhhmmm, this is a one of those moments that is increasingly clear; we have no interest in any war with Russia now...what are the interests to the US? look at our borders, the inflation, the crime!

I smell a rat here, something stinks to high heavens.

I am trying to understand.

Don't admit failure, don't try to heal society, don't make early treatment available, don't stop this vaccine that is killing people, don't fire Fauci, don't do all you could to help our children who have suffered for 2 years, no no no, don't do that, no, we rather begin a war, we provoke a war.

That makes sense.