hhhhmmm, so "The US surgeon general Murthy wants Joe Rogan censored"...why might that be I ask? hhhhmmmm, is it because Joe has REAL scientists like Malone and McCullough on telling TRUTH???

by Paul Alexander

When CNN anchor Don Lemon accused Rogan of taking a veterinary form of ivermectin, Rogan responded by calling Lemon a “dumb mother f*****.”...ha ha ha, i love Joe; see below why Joe scares them

Full disclosure, I have been in contact back and forth with Rogan’s booking people, good folk, and its up to Joe if or when I come on, but that said, no news media is in his league and I will continue to support him and advertise his show for he is the best out there, balanced, he may have his views but he allows others to bring theirs…uninterrupted. And to me, smacks of an honest person doing his thing gaining his respect, like me and whomever who have something to say, honestly only seeking to share and help, if possible, if possible, for you need not believe what I say, you trust you and you decide for YOU, its called ‘the land of the FREE’.


This is why they fear Joe: