HHS's Xavier Becerra: "Monkeypox is now ‘a public health emergency," in US: it is time CDC, NIH & all the moronic inept US public health officials tell GAY & Bisexual community NO anal sex, NONE!

by Paul Alexander

It is time for these US dolts & dimwits who waited too long & now it threatens expansion (via bisexual sex) to the low-risk population, to say no 'skin to skin sex contact, no anal sex, 1 partner'!

It is not an emergency for the vast 99.999999999999% of the population, NOT. So why did this idiot, this dolt, this illogical dimwit declare it as such? Why have these losers waited for so long and now even have the GAY community on the ropes due to stigma? Moreover, the COVID injection has subverted the immune systems of GAYs and this is another dimension, they are at risk of infection due to the COVID injections immuno-suppression.

No anal sex, no sex, no skin to skin contact for the GAY and Bisexual community for a short period to get this under control. Is that too much to ask? Why is Becerra and Fauci and Walensky afraid to tell them this? For their own good! To protect the rest of society and themselves.

Bear with me and if you are mad that I am opining on this recent declaration by Biden et al., then do not read my stack. I am not here to please. We can disagree yet still care about each other and support and even love. Need not hate each other if we disagree but we be brave to keep serious difficult discussions ongoing civilly.

I have always said it is not due to being GAY or bisexual but bisexuals are a key problem for they will take this to low risk monogamous women who do not know that he is sexing with both genders. The data remains clear.

It is principally spread among men who have sex with men (MSM) and transmitted via touch and exposure to the content of the infected pustules and lesions, warts, anal warts, penile warts etc. and warts anywhere on the body that contain infected fluid, and in skin to skin sex, intimate touching etc., or simply touching with an infected person, it can be transmitted. Sexual contact in MSM appears to heighten transmission and it makes sense as this can break the pustules and leach the content onto the uninfected partner. If a heterosexual couple had skin to skin contact and one was infected and had pustules and the touching broke the pustules, then same leaching can occur. It is not about being GAY, it is that this virus spreads via breaking of the pustules that need skin to skin contact to spread when pustules are broken (as well as contact with infected linen etc.).

Similar happens in HIV positives, where in abrasive touching and sexual contact e.g. anal sex, there is micro tearing of the anal canal and penis, and the HIV infected bodily fluids can move from one partner to the next. Same situation if the couple is heterosexual and same for other STDs etc. It is likely that actual tearing or breakage of tissue is not needed in this monkeypox virus for spread but breakage of pustules and infected pus etc. going onto skin of the partner. But it is behaving as an STD and thus no contact is needed now, NONE! For a period of time to quash the epidemic. I argue no messages about using condoms and safe sex.

I say NO sex, NONE! For a period of time! No PRIDE parades. And to show the insanity we face, we have border restrictions still and people being tested for COVID and still to quarantine, yet these public health officials cannot tell the GAY community to not have sex and to adjust their high-risk behavior. Do you get the madness we live and the power of the GAY vote to these filthy health officials?

Now these morons, these public health idiots with their political correctness have failed the GAY and bisexual community and this can cause stigmatization and blame of them. This should not have happened. Fauci et al. are the most corrupted, inept, stupid buffoons around, we saw this coming months now. What we need is simple:

1)acute contact tracing

2)guidance to the GAY community to have no anal sex for 3-4 weeks, no sex, no skin to skin contact, no intimate contact, no masturbation by distance, no sex with clothes on garbage, just NO sex!

3)guidance to the GAY community to limit to one sexual partner who pledges monogamous actions

4)isolation of symptomatic persons, not asymptomatic persons

5)stoppage of all PRIDE and similar gatherings where there is heightened chance of spread

6)no mass testing, no mass quarantine, no mass vaccination, no lockdowns, nothing like that


Monkeypox is ‘a public health emergency,’ U.S. health secretary declares