Hi, can you help me here, help us as we defend Joe Rogan and Robert Malone against the attacks on them; I was attacked and cancelled, Atlas, Bhattacharya, Kuldorff, McCullough, Risch, Trozzi etc.

by Paul Alexander

We need your help to send a message we won't stand for this; https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdhc3PpjxrzKtYotnS-SiJ-lxbYSonimeXxFmF9YhmSz4DOyQ/viewform

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Rogan has been one of the most centered people, no left, no right, he is spreading good data and asking the questions no one would and allowing guests to unpack it to inform, he is under attack, let us defend him…let us defend Malone who we work with and is very unique and special…McCullough has been out there fighting and he is our lead…we protect this person…

Spread this please, spread it, we need your help…not just scientists but we are all in this battle together to defend the right to speak your truth even if it is ‘inconvenient’ and raises questions.

I am asking you to sign this and spread it please…we were attacked and cancelled and smeared, many of us lost jobs, income, names damaged etc. because we chose to speak up and not stand on the side on the questions we had and the possible harms of the vaccines and the potency of early treatment.

I, Trozzi, Christian, Tenenbaum, Kulldorff, Risch, Malone, McCullough, Phillips, Atlas, Ponesse, Ardis, Hoffe, Bridle, Berenson, Kheriaty, Heneghan, Bhattacharya, Gupta, Hodkinson, Kulvinder Gill etc. Many more. Great people…

We get battered daily in the press and by our own peers. Help us defend free speech, help us reject the notion that there is a unanimous consensus among all science and health professionals in the world on any issue, or that it is even a desirable goal for humanity. Help us center need for healthy debate and that cognitive dissonance is not welcomed, that we need to hear from dissident voices and skeptics, from contrarians, that it is only then that science advances and this is optimal for humanity. Scientific and medical progress, as well as fundamental human rights, demand that we continuously ask questions; debate openly and without constraint; embrace humility; gracious humility; that we follow the data wherever it leads; resist corruption; and remember that suppression of information and debate is the realm of tyrants, not scientists and physicians.

My friend Jenny-Beth Martin initiated for us, she is one true patriot to help us fight the cancelling we have endured.

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We don't only want doctors, we want everyone…