'High Blood Pressure After COVID Shots Not So Rare'; BULLOCKS! it's worse than this piece says; they tried to cover up for vaccine makers, high blood pressure, hypertension is grave concern post shot

by Paul Alexander

They screwed us bigtime! Vaccinated persons report massive spikes in blood pressure that is difficult to control post vaccine; hypertension manifesting all over, it's a serious post shot issue



This COVID gene injection, mRNA or DNA, must be stopped and pulled from the market now, no more! None for healthy children, none, stop, I argue even for high-risk granny! We have early treatment. The shot is far more harmful than beneficial. It confers no benefit and while you decide with your doctor, IMO, one would be a lunatic to touch these fraud shots now!

Sanitized misleading portion of the paper:

‘A 2022 systematic review of several studies published in the Journal of Cardiovascular Development and Disease examined 357,387 subjects with 13,444 events of abnormal or increased blood pressure showed evidence of elevated blood pressure after COVID vaccination is not unusual. The proportion of patients with abnormal blood pressure or with a significant increase in blood pressure ranged from 0.93 to 23.72 percent. The estimate of stage III hypertension or hypertensive urgencies and emergencies following COVID vaccination was 0.6 percent.

The reality is that it is far worse than this. They write and allude to that the biological mechanism of how COVID shots increase blood pressure is unknown. Bullocks, we have written and spoken extensively on this. Typical political biased piece but at the least they are brave enough to showcase a huge problem!