His mother was begging to see him & her family as they secluded her in the institution, the COVIDian maniacs, the lockdown lunatics & it is this we NEVER ever forget & we imprison the Branch COVIDians

by Paul Alexander

We ensure we get justice here & never ever stop, we get them all to answer and we take their money and jail them once shown their actions killed people! We never let them come up for air in pursuit

You want amnesty?

Absolutely fu*king not!

ROOKE: No Mercy, No Quarter: It’s Time To Crush The Branch Covidians

Daily caller (MARY ROOKE)


Below, this is so painful to watch, this mother, in her elderly fading life, and this is what we lived through.

We want justice, we want accountability! ‘Americans excel at many things, but we have never been good at forgiving tyrants.

Nor should we be. People suffered real, tangible loss over the past two years when civil liberties were discarded by Covid thugs serving their despotic rulers. The American way of life demands justice and accountability from those who caused the harm.’