History will show that the Fauci & Birx COVID lockdowns and school closures as well as the Operation Warp Speed (OWS) injections will go down as the two greatest public health disasters in history

by Paul Alexander

Lockdowns and these OWS injections are the 2 disasters that have devastated humanity at this era and we must not allow any of the players, any of them, to escape accountability!!!!

Between the excess mortality we have seen in millennials in fall 2021 over 2020, combined to the death data we are seeing in the CDC’s VAERS database, combined to the deaths we are seeing in young persons (males) due to myocarditis etc., when we looked at the 2021 data that coincides with the vaccine mandates against the 2020 data and the 2019 data; yes, there was pressure and deaths due to lockdowns in 2020 (deaths of despair, suicide etc.), but what we see in 2021 can only be tied to the vaccines/injections…what we are seeing is in the millennials, there is a spike in deaths that we would not normally see… Dowd clued us in…

I do believe that when Fauci and Birx was not fired, day 1, and allowed to lead the lockdowns, then the pandemic response was doomed day 1, and the response then on killed people…killed children…we have to examine this in detail and hold people to account legally, in legal inquiries….

Focus on the observed (what happened) vs what was expected. This is CDC data.