HOME OWNERSHIP, it is the one factor that will depress crime anywhere, any city, any nation, anywhere...pride of ownership; this is where we have to focus, help people legitimately afford and own

by Paul Alexander

There is no factor that depresses crime like home ownership...along with business ownership, business that thrives...

You need to understand that the vast majority of low wealth person, poorer persons are not bad people, are not criminals do not commit crime and never will, most are God fearing and love nation and their families like any other…notice I did not even invoke color…just poverty…I am talking white and black/brown poverty….the problem is that the vast majority of criminals, hardened ones and all sorts do live in poorer communities…this is the issue. The gut wrenching issue is that poor persons are more often victims of crime that the low life-criminal themselves.

This home ownership is a conversation we must have. I am talking about proper jobs, stable, that could support mortgages etc. Nothing for free…pride of ownership.