Horowitz & el gato malo (bad cat) on the money again! The case of counting infections, hospitalizations, & deaths immediately post vaccine (1-14 days) as 'unvaccinated'; this is the fraud of Pfizer

by Paul Alexander

All who have done this, to count infections, hospitalizations, & deaths immediate post vaccine as 'unvaccinated' is the great CRIME of the vaccine developers, medical journals & FDA to allow it

The issue is these people counted as ‘unvaccinated’ are actually ‘vaccinated’ and suffering the decline, the immune suppression post vaccine that these COVID vaccines cause. It is almost that you should have been told to quarantine for 14 days post vaccine for these COVID shots.

Why would I make this argument? Well, I love the work of Horowitz & el gato malo (bad cattitude), but Clare Craig, Diagnostic Pathologist in the BMJ, reported what we knew but needed her depth and expertise to clarify for us all:

“The Pfizer vaccination causes a transient fall in lymphocytes for the first three days after vaccination.[12], The phase 2 trials of AstraZeneca similarly showed a fall in neutrophils.[13] Post vaccination neutrophil depletion[14] and lymphocyte depletion[15] has been shown for other vaccines and the latter has been known about since 1981.[16] There is conflicting literature on whether this effect results in susceptibility to viral infections but there is certainly evidence suggesting that is the case in children.[17] Given the evidence of white cell depletion after COVID vaccination and the evidence of increased COVID infection rates shortly after vaccination, the possibility that the two are causally related needs urgent investigation.”

What did the Danes find in this regard? Well, look at table 2 on page 5 of the pre-print. Vaccine effectiveness after 1st and 2nd dose of the BNT162b2 mRNA Covid-19 Vaccine in long-term care facility residents and healthcare workers – a Danish cohort study

They found that infection risk rises radically just after vaccination. We see in the ‘adjusted VE’ (extreme right handed column in the above table) that the VE was -40 for nursing home resident (0-14 days post 1st dose) and -104% for healthcare employees (0-14 days post 1st dose).

Bad cat is superb here: why "vaccinated covid deaths/hospitalizations" are being counted incorrectly.

Cat’s example is beautiful:

a soldier and you are down in a foxhole and across the field from you is a beautiful bunker and to get there will increase your chance of survival. However, there is a field to cross and snipers await and the field is long and open. Which option would you chose? Just run to the house bunker or think first of the risk of crossing the field and consider it in the risk benefit analysis?

And so is Daniel Horowitz (Horowitz), likely the most brilliant health type reporter researcher, scientist on deck, with folk like Attkisson, Joel Hirschhorn, Hammond, Kirsch, Spartacus etc.

What is the point? The point is Pfizer and all involved have created a crooked, criminal way, a corrupted way of counting infections, cases, hospitalizations, deaths. They are not counting the first 14 days post 1st shot as being vaccinated and this skews the burden to the unvaccinated and so none of the reports and studies are to be taken as credible. It makes the unvaxxed appear far worse than the vaxxed and this is not so and the truth is not even the UK data with all sorts of schemes can hide the devastation to the vaccinated. Same with the 2nd and third shot. The initial 14 days post booster is counted as the 2nd shot and thus can you see the corruption and fraud? When we know the initial period post vaccine is laced with immunosuppression due to this vaccine.