Horseshit fraud prosecutions of POTUS Trump, hounding him & contrarians like me, McCullough etc. is to drive fear in us to not speak out against COVID wrongs, make examples of us & intimidate us

by Paul Alexander

it won't work! These are bullies to the highest order, miserable pusillanimous freaks, insignificant power hungry fecal bottom-dwellers who only know how to suck off of tax-payer money

Long live POTUS Trump! He has to tell the people soon that he made a grave error with the lockdowns and the vaccine. His people were hurt, he has to face it and make amends and I know he could. He is a good man. He must start with reversal of liability protection under PREP Act (Azar February 2020) and a strong victim compensation fund for all those harmed with lockdowns and mRNA technology vaccine and ensure police and military are well taken cared of!

He remains the best and only option to fix America from what Biden INC is doing. We have police, military, doctors, nurses who will die due to this vaccine, they were conned into taking it and many will die in time; it is happening now and will not stop for they damaged themselves, they damaged their immune systems, with the vaccine. I pray each night for them, all who have been harmed.

We will not back down, we as contrarian skeptic scientists simply wish to inform the world. Arm them with information on both sides, benefits and risks and not just for COVID, but in all aspects of decision-making. For optimal decision-making.