Hospital CEOs & senior doctors, surgeons in US States, major US hospitals, what? What did you say? They were/are offered fake vaccine cards for NO vaccine? So no firing of you? If they say 'NO' jab?

by Paul Alexander

If they say No to shot as too valuable to suspend, so fake cards? Is this true? Happened to several of you, in your State? You said what? many hospitals, likely across US? Why? harmful and you know?

Were told too valuable to the hospitals so offered/given fake cards. This is a real ongoing situation and this is being dealt with delicately by us for we want the doctors to come forward and they sought us out. So huge bravery by them. The rate limiting step so far is the proper forum and some cold feet (bullish one day, reticent the other) for people are scared for safety and careers. They do know there is risk but are willing as high level doctors/CEOs. But its delicate I know you would understand. But we are working on it for this is something the nation needs to know for the underlying reasons may be as disturbing and catastrophic. It could bring this vaccine mandate nightmare to a halt.

But what was shared so far is very disturbing. Is it that they/you know the vax is harmful? Is this the reason? CEOs and senior doctors know this and you, and so agree to give fake cards to ‘keep’ you on strength. To not suspend or fire, so fake cards. So they don’t want to have to suspend you as you are too valuable? Or do you and they know the vaccine is harmful and has huge risks? This is insane for shakes and takes down the entire vaccine mandate insanity. CEOs of major hospitals? Senior doctors, ER etc.?

This is the discussion I and others have been having with some doctors who have come forward, silently at this time, in fear of safety to them and families, and destruction of their name and careers. They are very scared for their safety but say it plain that this is a fight they are willing to wage now for it is destruction to humanity what is being done with the mandates. They do not agree and will share openly when they speak openly.

We are negotiating to have them speak openly and with a major news outfit we trust. In plain: they sought us out and told us that they are ready, scared but ready to break the news, that they refused as senior doctors to take the shot and the hospitals they are with in US, major states and outfits, leadership that includes senior doctors, agreed to give them fake cards so they don’t have to suspend. They refused and said ‘no’, they want proper religious or objection approved. No fake cards. They then put in, some of them, exemption requests and got them instantly. They are told its because the CEOs etc. are now scared they would spill the details.

But now they said they want to tell the US and world what is happening with these vaccine mandates when doctors and CEOs refuse for they think it is across the US. Not only the hospitals in their State (s) and group. They are so outraged that they were given this privilege while others, millions lost jobs and earnings and even lives who committed suicide due to the mandates etc. Our concern is they could get spooked, they want to talk but scared of the implications to their safety and families and their careers. They know it is likely over. They want to come out.

I just reached out to let them know a major media outlet will come to the meeting to see if they will allow this. We are to meet in person shortly. I will update as I know more but I cannot say the State (s) or the doctors and CEOs. I am prohibited by them as you would understand.

I told you before, I am committed to share truth. This is sharing 1 of 5 I want to share. To bring you the people into the discussion.