Hospitals in Canada & US, you WANT to end the STAFF shortages? Then 1)call all nurses you fired for NO vaccine, tell them sorry, tell them come back now 2) pay them 'thank you' sum 3)stop all mandates

by Paul Alexander

Stop the insane meritless screening & visitor restrictions; You were illogical, irrational, absurd, unethical, non-sensical with your unsound mandates; say so! Pay the nurses MORE! Respect them!

Say sorry to every single person you fired over their right to not take the ineffective and unsafe COVID gene injection! Say it! And take them back fast. You do not need more tax payer money for you are under ‘strain’, you created that strain with yoru bullshit vaccine lockout and the unvaccinated nurses immune system is now the golden PRIZE; you have and got enough money and even stole lots of it from the tax payer, we know, we will get to that in time and jail some of you CEOs and medical and research people who stole COVID relief and PPE money, we did not forget! We knew you used it as a get rich scheme.

So look at the above and start there!