Hot mic: Roger Stone tells POTUS Trump to 'Beware the Ides of March' aka 'watch DeSantis'...boy oh boy, this coming election season will be magical; two great people on tap; who will it be? pray tell

by Paul Alexander

Who will wear the crown to fix this disaster of Biden admin, spiraling the drain daily; Trump's Task Force was a clown car, but Biden's is a clown car on roids; I admire Psaki, inept, but masterful

She is masterful for the inept idiots and morons she must come out and defend daily…its breath taking. So I give the lady props…can’t say she lies, the king Liar in the admin is Dr. Walensky…Webster is trying at this time to redefine what lying is all about as Rochelle has taken it to new heights. Stone cold. The word in DC is not even the dems saw it coming and were unprepared, they have not seen anything like it. She makes Adam Schiff blush.


Another version:

Trump and Roger Stone reunite at Mar-a-Lago as he tells former president Gov. DeSantis is ‘a piece of s***’