'House investigation says FDA approval process of Alzheimer's drug was 'rife with irregularities'; what? irregularities? what is wrong with these pusillanimous people in congress? not 'irregularity',

by Paul Alexander

it's downright fraud, corruption, killing, ineptness, incompetence, biasness, kickbacks, pay to play, dangerousness, recklessness, irrationality, absurdness, speciousness; did I forget any descriptive

The FDA as we have seen in the COVID response and the fraud data by the vaccine makers that they accepted as proper to grant EUAs, has emerged as a fraud banal corrupted health agency, pure junk science and regulatory process. FDA has lost all of its credibility and it had little to begin with, across the last 30 years. Bought and paid from by pharma and corrupted scientists and agencies.

Take the FDA down to the studs, fumigate it, fire 100 top down, and relocate it to Alcatraz. Send the employees there.



(CNN)A congressional investigation found that the US Food and Drug Administration's "atypical collaboration" to approve a high-priced Alzheimer's drug was "rife with irregularities."

The report, released Thursday, was the result of an 18-month investigation by two House committees. It is sharply critical of Biogen, maker of the medication Aduhelm.’

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