How could Fauci back 'double-masking' in COVID fight, saying 'likely more effective'? when he knew that it could have never worked (surgical or cloth masks) for this pathogen; he was lying, like

by Paul Alexander

Walensky...when he said 2 masks are better than one, he was being nonsensical and made an technical a*s of himself, showed how political, uninformed, and duplicituous he is and was, corrupted

‘Dr. Anthony Fauci, President Biden’s chief medical adviser on COVID-19, said two face masks are likely more effective than one against the novel coronavirus, despite significant uncertainty on the subject.’

There is no evidence anywhere, anywhere, no proper randomized trials, no comparative research, nothing, showing these masks ever worked in COVID…we were made fools of and they at CDC, NIH, PHAC, Health Canada etc. continue to make fools of us…take the masks and burn them, see my review below showing you the body of evidence that is robust, showing they do not work!