How the CDC Coordinated With Big Tech To Censor Americans; what do we do? we punish Twitter, Facebook, and Google by not participating, end your accounts! Spread the word, these are filthy people!

by Paul Alexander

To think that these beasts, these élite entitled technocrats, these leeches, these filthy people think they can decide what you say and read, we must punish them in the pocket book!

Steve Hatfill MD needs huge praise for pushing this and uncovering this startling behind the scenes evidence of the role of Twitter, Facebook, and Google in censoring us.


SOURCE 2 Internal Documents Reveal CDC Worked With Big Tech To Censor COVID-19 Speech


·         CDC sends Twitter officials a chart of tweets it deemed to be “misinformation” (p. 7)

·         Regular BOLO (Be On the LookOut) meetings where CDC would share what they categorized as “misinformation” with various social media companies, including Twitter and Facebook, and provide slide decks, requesting “Please do not share outside your trust and safety teams.” (pp. 5, 28, 36-52)

·         Express requests from Twitter to the CDC for help in identifying “misinformation” (p. 93).

·         Twitter stating that coordination with CDC over vaccine misinformation was  “tricky” because the Twitter CEO was testifying before Congress that week (p. 99).

·         CDC recommends information about the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) be added to tweets. (p. 36)


·         Direct engagement between CDC officials and social media companies where CDC sends links to Facebook to flag those posts as disinformation (pp. 55-57). 

·         $15 Million dollars worth of Facebook ad credits as “non-monetary gift” to HHS and CDC on vaccines, social distancing, travel, and priority communication messages–potentially in violation of the Antideficiency Act’s limitation on voluntary services (31 U.S.C. § 1342) (pp. 104, 116-119) 

      Later in the letter it states: 

·         CDC requests to help ensure “verifiable information sources” are not blocked because State Department of Health posts were being blocked as vaccine misinformation. (pp. 101-102).

·         Set up a COVID-19 Misinformation Reporting Channel for CDC and Census to make reports to Facebook, and holding a “training meeting” for the Misinformation Reporting Channel (pp. 106, 245)

·         Feeding CDC with Facebook-sponsored research on the COVID-Vaccine (pp. 120-205)


·         CDC requested that Google promote its new vaccine page in its search results (p. 58).

·         CDC coordination with Google regarding vaccine “misinformation,” including a “Question Hub thing” the CDC and Google were collaborating on (p. 283)

·         CDC sought coordination with Google regarding WHO infodemiology conference in connection with CDC’s creation of the “discipline of infodemiology” to “target” the general public and “push back against the misinformation.” (p. 282)

·         Google’s News and Information Credibility Lead, News Lab asked CDC to keep Google posted about anything infodemiology-related, and that employee’s focus at the time was “primarily on election but the two are inevitably related.” (p. 283)

·         At CDC request, Google agreed to post an ad for a job position at CDC (pp. 281, 284-285)

·         At CDC request, Google “signal boosts” the WHO’s “unicorn program” to provide “comprehensive global training on tracking, analyzing and addressing misinformation” (274-281)

·         CDC directly making edits into Google’s code for its “Knowledgebase” (pp. 216-221)