"How they killed our parents"; Aliss Terpstra who is a member of my substack, tells us from her experience, how our elderly in nursing/care homes died and how devastatingly they treated her mother

by Paul Alexander

Aliss is planning a substack, please support her for sharing this and her strength and bravery; 'drenched our elderly with carcinogenic disinfectants'; these hospital bastards should be imprisoned!

‘The homes didn't even need to drug and sedate residents to do them in. Of course they killed sick residents by denying treatment, that's a given.

They also killed residents - who never even caught Covid - with three years of idiotic worse-than-useless public health policies that left frail needy seniors isolated in their rooms and beds 24/7, with hardly any human touch or stimulation or exercise or social contact, being masked and coated in carcinogenic disinfectants, fed and changed by anonymous agency-supplied workers in full PPE, double masked, no talking, who didn't have a clue who they were attending and didn't bother to learn names or histories because they were temporary workers.


They killed them by removing the religious services that sustained faith.

They killed them with silence, not even a radio turned on for company.

They killed them with bedsores a.k.a scurvy because they replaced fresh food made on premises with packaged and canned meals and 'soup' made from dried powders full of neurotoxic MSG and free of any nutritional value or life force.

They killed them with sugary beverages made from GM corn, canola and soy, like Ensure, Boost and Resource.

I was told that my mother is only one of 3 residents who survived the full three years of the fake pandemic. Only now that she is dying am I 'allowed' to visit her despite not taking the jabs.

I cannot know if she would not be dying had I been allowed to continue to care for her as I did every day for seven months before lockdown was imposed. But my heart tells me that if I had been visiting her and feeding her real food as I used to, monitoring her physical and mental state, this stage of her life would still be in the future.’

That is how they killed them, along with the sedation (midazolam, morphine, other toxic drugs), isolation, misery, malnourishment, dehydration, DNR orders, with holding antibiotics, Remdesivir, intubation and ventilation. The isolation and lack of human touch was devastating, hell, we could not even bury our dead.

And when that failed, they killed our parents and grand-parents with the Robert Malone 'mRNA technology' based COVID gene injection vaccine. Hundreds of thousands died due that Malone ‘mRNA technology’ based gene injection. We need full proper investigations.

Thank you Aliss for sharing this pain.