How to end the pandemic? Using our natural 'INNATE immunity'; 'natural immunity' is both natural 'innate' immunity and natural 'acquired/adaptive' immunity; comprises both, yet distinct compartments

by Paul Alexander

The KEY, the critical one is natural INNATE immunity, that is only complemented by naturally acquired immunity when the virus breaks through the 1st line of immune defense (innate)

How to end the pandemic?

It is our natural immunity, and specifically the natural INNATE immunity compartment of the immune system that will end this and similar. Was always the case; it is the innate immune system working hand in hand with the natural acquired/adaptive system, but with INNATE in the lead. First line of defense. This compartment works usually to protect children and young persons from pathogen…broadly protective and very potent…but if we mass vaccinate healthy children, we run the risk of destroying this precious ‘gift’ God has given children, that they come with, and which protects them and helps the natural acquired immune system. INNATE ‘calms’ the pathogen if all goes well, and it takes out a large portion and the pathogen will be shut down by the INNATE compartment before the virus can breach INNATE and when that happens, will then need acquired antibodies to prevent infection or kill the infected cells.

The key I have learnt is via the natural INNATE immune system, the first line of defense. We have to strengthen people’s innate immunity and let those who get moderate disease - but are not at risk – recover from the disease (while providing early treatment to those who are vulnerable and at risk). The reality is that both types of ‘natural’ immunity (natural innate and natural acquired/adaptive) will contribute to population-level herd immunity. Innate immunity can cope with the accelerated evolutionary rate and adaptation (variants) of the virus (due to mass vaccination) whereas this is more challenging for naturally acquired antibodies (more antigen-specific), which cannot necessarily keep up with the rapid succession of new variants. All this to say, the more we rely on innate immunity and get our population to control the virus with the innate, the faster we will be able to cut the chain of transmission and end the pandemic.

Once again, it is the mass vaccination using a sub-optimal ‘leaky’ imperfect non-neutralizing vaccine as this one, with massive infectious pressure from the circulating virus, while the population is mounting an immune response, then natural selection will select the variants that could surmount the sub-optimal immune pressure. It is the most infectious variants that evade the immune pressure (directed to the spike) that will go forward and could become the new dominant variant e.g. Omicron. We may even drive emergence of a lethal variant though less of a chance, but there still is a risk for this to happen. We are deriving an identical immune response to one specific target (spike) in every person that gets the vaccine, and this renders our population immunity very vulnerable. Near defenseless. If we wish to keep these infections ongoing, and there to be variants emerging, then we keep vaccinating using this sub-optimal non-sterilizing vaccine. Period! Just continue exactly what we are doing now.

What do we do? We stop it, we place a hard stop on the mass vaccination (I did not say stop highly targeted vaccination in high-risk persons, even though I am saying none of these vaccines were needed) and prohibit any of these vaccines in children.