HPV and COVID gene injection vaccines induces Autoimmune/inflammatory syndrome induced by adjuvants (ASIA) in 2023 (ASIA)? Yes! Cohen Tervaert expanded on this! Small fiber neuropathy is an important

by Paul Alexander

clinical manifestation of ASIA. ASIA can be induced by breast implants, polypropylene meshes, and Essure sterilization devices. COVID & HPV vaccines and (infrequently) tattoos, metal implants too




‘ASIA aimed to organize under a single umbrella, the existing evidence regarding certain environmental factors which possess immune stimulatory properties, in order to shed light on a common pathway of autoimmune pathogenesis.

Such environmental immune stimulators, or adjuvants, include among others: aluminum salts as in vaccines, various medical implants, as well as various infectious agents. After the launch of the ASIA syndrome, the expansion and recognition of this syndrome by different researchers from different countries began. During the past decades, evidence had been accumulating that (auto)immune symptoms can be triggered by exposure to environmental immune stimulatory factors that act as an adjuvant in genetically susceptible individuals.

A panoply of unexplained subjective and autonomic-related symptoms has been reported in patients with ASIA syndrome. The current review summarizes and updates accumulated knowledge from the past decades, describing new adjuvants- (e.g. polypropylene meshes) and vaccine- (e.g. HPV and COVID vaccines) induced ASIA. Furthermore, a direct association between inflammatory/autoimmune diseases with ASIA syndrome, will be discussed. Recent cases will strengthen some of the criteria depicted in ASIA syndrome such as clear improvement of symptoms by the removal of adjuvants (e.g. silicone breast implants) from the body of patients. Finally, we will introduce additional factors to be included in the criteria for ASIA syndrome such as: (1) dysregulated non-classical autoantibodies directed against G-protein coupled receptors (GPCRs) of the autonomic nervous system and (2)) small fiber neuropathy (SFN), both of which might explain, at least in part, the development of ‘dysautonomia’ reported in many ASIA patients.’