Hypocrisy, lies, division, malfeasance, duplicity is legacy of Trudeau, Doug Ford, Jason Kenney, Boris, Jacinda Ardern etc.; these leaders harmed populations & must be investigated, all COVID policies

by Paul Alexander

Jacinda Ardern is unique as well as the Australian leadership, they suffered their people and caused unnecessary harms and deaths and must be held accountable in courts, not be allowed to ride away

These leaders caused our precious police, our military, judges, nurses, best among us, border agents to be mandated these fraud ineffective deadly shots. Many of our good people are now vaccine injured with ‘silent’ disease now, silent harms and do not know it. They, the governments, must be investigated for they could not be that stupid. Not all of them. Something stinks here.

Globally, especially in US and Canada and UK and Australia and New Zealand etc., our governments have engaged in the most widespread and devastating cover-up, one that has left us vulnerable and where many of us will die from these shots. They harmed us by censoring us and we were unable to get the message out to more people. We went and mandated our precious police and military and border agents and key people in society, our judges and nurses etc. And I confess, I admit that many will die in time. I am so sad by this and we are trying to at the least inform the public to not touch this deadly injection. No more!