I agree with SCOTUS abortion ruling; I AM PRO-LIFE AND PROTECTION OF THE UNBORN IN UTERO; SCOTUS had no role prior and still does not; this is not a denial issue and SCOTUS was correct not to outlaw

by Paul Alexander

Pardon my views; the life of the woman is key if at risk, but so is the life of the unborn; the discussion is to stop use as a contraception; respect life! Outlawing puts it into back alley.

To me, several key issues that have been lost in the insanity are:

1)When is a baby a baby? I think soon after conception. Look, truth is, I don’t know as much as you don’t know definitively. But it makes commonsense that as long as organs are in place, even if rudimentary, then to me, life begins. If life begins then, then that life must be afforded some protection. How do we do that?

2)We cannot the discount the heath and safety of the woman. This must be a core consideration in decision making. I think for me, the use of abortion as a means of birth control is problematic and not something I agree with.

3)In life, actions come with responsibility.

I do not wish to tell a woman what to do with her body yet I am talking for the unborn’s life.

It is a very complex and difficult issue and decision a woman (and man/partner and do not forget him in this discussion and decision as we usually do) has to make. I do not pretend to have the correct answers here and may be making a huge mess for myself by opining. But the real debate must take place whereby society regards the unborn and life and also that sexual contact is a very serious issue and comes with responsibilities. It comes with consequences. Abortion should never be used as a form of contraception. This is a real issue that we pretend, it’s the elephant in the room.

Yes, it is anyone’s right to do with their body as they please, but the developing child has rights too. And your rights stop the instant it infringes on theirs. And when? I say very early on. I say never ever allow late term or partial birth, I see no reason why a full grown developed human being cannot be adopted out and allowed life etc. Your individual rights stop at my individual rights. When you ever see an abortion taking place and when devices inserted to terminate the unborn, how that baby scurries away and does all it can to avoid the procedure. I think the unborn feels devastating pain, how could it not? You are lying and being untruthful if you pretend the baby feels no pain. Proponents of abortion act as if the baby is only alive and breathing and capable of pain only after it leaves the womb. What insanity! Look at an abortion when the devices etc. are inserted to terminate the baby. It is alive and is fighting for its life. Who then defends it? We are lost in insane arguments and protests and not sitting down to have a proper mature discussion.

Let us define fully when life begins, I say early on, maybe in a matter of a 6 weeks or so…I mean functional life.

SCOTUS did not outlaw it, it sent it back to States and States will decide. If you want one, you go to the State that gives you one. Why can’t taxpayers in certain places decide where their tax money goes? It’s a very serious question.

At the end of the day, it is still legal, yet let us have the proper discussions around life, when it begins, when this must never happen, and under which conditions, or the exceptions e.g. rape, incest, life threatening illness exacerbated by pregnancy etc. I do not have the answers, I am only thinking and sharing. Let us have the discussion.

Those who say that it’s unelected judges who decided this, well, one may argue it was unelected judges who decided for ROE prior (50 years ago).

This is really an issue for the States, people in local communities, congress etc. I think the SCOTUS had no role 50 years ago and this is States’ rights.