I am a conservative libertarian, actually no affiliation but in no way identify anything left or radical left for it is insane, but I know Robert Kennedy, I have different politics but this is a good

by Paul Alexander

man, decent man, caring man, loves America man, works hard to ensure safety of vaccines etc.; I am MAGA, I am with Trump but will say if 45 or DeSantis were not on deck, I would vote Kennedy

But Kennedy’s main issue is this, he is a male, white, Christian (from what I know and we shared), alpha, loves women in a rage (not gay), and so has ZERO (0) chance in today’s democrat party, DOA.

If you are an American hater, want to destroy America and it’s culture, hates the American flag, wants the border open so that illegals and Fentanyl and all illicit drugs can enter to kill Americans, if you are NOT Christian or Jew or Hindu or Muslim or similar faith (non-violent adherent to your faith), if you do not want law and order, if you hate the police and want them destroyed, if you hate the US military in its dominant projection of lethal power, if you do not regard the US Constitution, if you despise the anthem, if you are not for education being in the hands of parents, if you accept the third world health care the US currently has, if you love the welfare section 8 housing state, if you delight in dependency, if you want cradle to grave government handouts, if you think government programs are the only way to solve societal challenges, if you want courts and legal systems politicized and biased and decimated for a 2 tiered justice system, if you want the COVID lockdown lunacy to continue, if you hate decent law abiding tax paying citizens, if you are big in the transgender madness and the filth of it, then, and only then, if you can check these boxes as above, then you can be a democrat nominee and likely win.


I am for anyone who will make AMERICA great again and keep it so. Even will consider someone on the normal left. If there was a bad republican and only a good liberal, I will vote for the liberal based on the emphasis she or he places on what is important for America. I cannot find any liberal today. They are deranged, the whole party and Kennedy is a breath of fresh air. But is DOA figuratively as cannot check any of the boxes above.

Trump all the way. Trump IMO is the only person today who brings the strength, the power, the drive, the vengeance, the justice seeking that we need to strip DC and all the corrupted health agencies and more to the studs and re-do America.

Long live America,