I am absolutely convinced that there was a release but from multiple locations, labs, MULTIPLE across the world; nothing worked because they released something that was mild non-lethal from day 1

by Paul Alexander

principally how we treated people in the health system is what killed them...no antibiotics...sedation, ventilation, Remdesivir...it was all a fraud, the pandemic was a fraud, 100%

First, this was never a pandemic. Never.

So why, why multiple points of release? not from one point? so all the same. so as to make you think there was SPREAD…no, not so, it was multiple locations. asymptomatic spread was LIE!!! moreover, what was released from multiple places was circulating for a while, not Dec 2019…no, we detected with PCR something that they knew was circulating…they released it.

the deaths were caused by how we treated people, the lockdowns, the bad therapeutics we used…all of it.

Everything done killed people, everything. The lockdowns, medical care, the fraud deadly gene injection vaccine; had we done nothing, we would have killed far less people. did this pathogen, multiple released points kill people? yes, the initial…high risk vulnerable people will always be at risk to this, common cold, ILI, flu etc. in other words, early treatment has a ‘specific’ role. IMO, having serious discussions to understand what I am trying to say in a simple way.

developing the language now…

clones. remember that word. a clone infection versus a natural infection. more to come.