I am COVID unvaccinated, my entire family is, & as many of my friends, strangers, colleagues I can convince are not! I share evidence with them & explain benefits versus risks, to them & children

by Paul Alexander

We are parents of our children who are saying NO & we are the ones now defending this hill & will wage the greatest battle ever fought to ensure our statistical zero risk children don't get these jabs

These COVID injections, these, have been catastrophic! A failure, ineffective and not properly safe.

I consider myself informed, that’s all. No better. No one needed a degree or huge credentials and letters behind their names; it was easy to spot the lies & malfeasance by Fauci & Walensky & Francis Collins & Albert Bourla and Bancel & CDC & NIH & FDA & WHO & PHAC & Health Canada & SAGE etc. We exist all around in society, everywhere, of all ages, and levels of education. We are the parents of our children who are saying NO and we are the ones now defending this hill and will wage the greatest battle ever fought to ensure our statistical zero risk children do not get these fraud dangerous injections.

We even have the bravest among us, the best among us, our police, or border agents, our military, our special forces, these people we must pray at night to protect for their service. But they could not withstand the pressure. They fell too. That is to show the battle that was waged and what we, the unvaccinated won! Who we were in company of.


We have withstood hurt, insults, attacks, smears, stigmatization, were denounced, slandered, we faced isolation, ostracization, were humiliated openly, we faced job and earning loss, were discriminated against, and social isolation and exclusion. We were prevented from entering our own countries. We could not travel, take a train, nothing. We were banned from loved ones, families, friends, and lost near 2.5 years of life, liberty, freedoms. Due to Fauci and Birx and Hahn and Redfield and Francis Collins and all of those sick twisted inept malfeasants who had the science but chose to go against it. Everyone else bailed and fell, their independent thinking was sidelined. Somehow and one day we will learn all who did wrongs here and we will get accountability.

Yet in all of that, we withstood and today, look around, it is your unvaccinated immunity that is the envy of your friends, families, all around you, of the world. We are the greatest among the best. We the unvaccinated with this fraud COVID injection.

Yet ye do not gloat, no, we find ways to support and help those who fell victim to the COVID fraud injections and keep talking, sharing, supporting. They are hurt, vaccine injured, they need our support and help. We are in this battle together and we were targeted by a fraud and malfeasance so great that stands as the greatest in history.

But we won this onslaught!